Will Hill says failed drug test came from second-hand marijuana smoke

Will-Hill-GiantsNew York Giants safety Will Hill failed another drug test last month and has been suspended for the first six games of the 2014 season. The suspension is his third in three years with the Giants, all of which were related to drugs. This time, however, Hill claims it was someone else doing drugs that made their way into his system.

One of Hill’s close friends, former Giants defensive back Deon Grant, told Jordan Raanan of The Star Ledger that Hill thought he could beat the latest positive test because it was supposedly caused by second-hand marijuana smoke.

“He felt like he had a great chance of beating it because of the circumstances,” Grant said. “He said, ‘I’ll be honest with you. If it was something that I did, I would tell you I messed up. But I didn’t. It was an incident in a club where people were [smoking marijuana] and it got in my system. It’s not like how my urine was a certain kind of way before when I did do it. It’s the total opposite right now. They found something in my urine, but it’s not the same thing they found when I did make that mistake.'”

That “mistake” Grant is referring to came last year, when Hill admitted to smoking weed and was suspended for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was also suspended before that for using Adderall, which he later said he needs to treat his ADHD.

“A lot of us were surprised … I don’t think he has an issue or problem,” Grant added. The truth, I’m almost 80 or 90 percent sure that he doesn’t have an issue and he’s not putting it in his system himself. This situation again is something where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

As Raanan noted, many studies claim second-hand smoke would not lead to a positive drug test. Plus, Hill’s track record doesn’t warrant the benefit of the doubt. Given his history, Will shouldn’t even be putting himself in a situation where he’s anywhere near people who are smoking weed.

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