Willis McGahee, Chris Ogbonnaya fantasy players to pick up after trade

Willis McGahee BroncosThe Cleveland Browns traded former No. 3 overall draft pick Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday for a first-round pick, leaving them with a huge void at running back. As soon as a trade like this is made, the fantasy impact must also be analyzed.

Richardson was the only back to carry the ball for the Browns this season, so what will they do to fill that position?

Chris Ogbonnaya and Bobby Rainey are the likely in-house options, but CBS’ Jason La Canfora reports that the team will sign Willis McGahee as long as he passes his physical.

McGahee is the top guy to target as long as the deal goes through. The Browns wouldn’t have traded Richardson unless they felt they had some sort of adequate replacement, and McGahee is just that. McGahee played 10 games with the Broncos last season and was released in the offseason. He must be recovered from his broken leg if the team made the trade and is planning to sign him.

McGahee turns 32 next month and averaged 4.4 yards per carry last season with Denver. Though he lost four fumbles, he still looked like an effective back prior to his injury.

Cleveland’s offense has its limitations in terms of productivity possibilities, but if you’re a fantasy football owner looking for a flex option who can give you yards and maybe the occasional touchdown, McGahee is a recommended pickup.

Ogbonnaya is more of a player to pick up for this weekend’s game at Minnesota. He’s familiar with the offense and will likely see the most carries among Cleveland’s backs, if we had to make a guess. He also could cut into McGahee’s load for the future. He’s the guy you probably want this weekend, while Willis is the longterm back to own.

Temper your expectations here because the Browns offense didn’t run the ball much even with Richardson, but like we said, if you need a back, McGahee should be satisfactory.

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  • Brian Smith

    Awesome article. I had picked up Bobby Rainey, and just dropped him for Willis and already got a trade offer by someone who has been depleted at RB by injuries.

  • Brian Diffenderfer

    Bobby Rainey is the back to own in Cleveland, not McGahee
    they traded Richardson because they were highly impressed with Rainey

  • Sean Dalrymple

    If they were impressed with Rainey they would have mostly likely put him on the field the last two games to test him in game. Not one play.

  • Tosh Windsor

    1000%%%%%%%%% DISAGREE!!!!!!!
    OBGYN is a fullback. Willis is 100 years old….sure he may
    be serviceable until he blows a gasket.

    Listen….I went to and FAU home game here in Boca Raton
    Florida to watch the OWLS vs. the Hilltopppers in 2011.

    I saw alfred Morris play and turned to my friend and said
    hey that kid may be able to play in NFL…I saw a good running back play that
    day….little did I know he would be starting for the redskins the following

    I also saw Rainey play that day and sat up at the edge of my
    seat and turned to my friend…that kid will be a star in the NFL one
    day…like a future ray rice…He has superstar ability written all over him. I
    am certain Norv knows this and can’t wait to eventually unleash him…needless
    to he is high risk in FF this week but RAINEY will be starting
    over Willis eventually.

    I saw the same thing in Doug MArtin and was laughing at my
    league when he fell to me in the third round last year in FF…the league
    laughed at me when I was touting him as a high quality back..

    I truly beleive Rainey can play better than DOugie if given
    a chance.