Sports writer tells Colin Kaepernick to turn his hat around, act like a professional

Colin Kaepernick backwards hat

I’ve never heard of Sal Maiorana, but it seems like he’s one of those old school journalists. How do we know that? The cranky fella complained after the San Francisco 49ers-Carolina Panthers game that Colin Kaepernick was wearing his hat backwards and not acting like a professional.

When a follower compared Kaepernick to Philip Rivers, Maiorana brought out other quarterbacks who he thinks embody class.

Because Aaron Rodgers has never worn a backwards hat while addressing the media:

Aaron Rodgers backwards hat

And jeeze, look at all these other classless NFL quarterbacks:

The backlash, no surprise, was fast and furious, but Maiorana embraced the hate like a WWE heel.

This is the second time we’ve gone through something like this where Kaepernick was criticized for his appearance. Last season there was the whole issue over Kaepernick’s tattoos after AOL’s David Whitley wrote a critical column.

I don’t really feel like going through the entire exercise of defending Kaepernick, because there’s no point in getting so outraged over the opinion of a Buffalo Bills writer for the Democrat and Chronicle. But if you think Kaepernick is unprepared, a bad leader, or unprofessional just because he wears a backwards cap, it’s an extremely poor assumption, and he’ll make you pay for underestimating him.

Image via @cjzero

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  • Jimmy Z Williams

    Those gall dang whipper snappers and their baggy britches, it’s unprofessional! They’re star athletes! They should only wear $5000 suits with $15,000 custom Italian shoes. And drive Bugati’s. And live in Bel Air. And, and, and……. /s

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Well if that’s what the writer’s point was, he didn’t articulate it the way you just did.

    Are you telling me David Stern needs to get involved?

  • thirteenthirteen

    I wonder what makes Wilson more of a contemporary to Kaepernick than Manning, Brees, or Rodgers. Hm.

  • SpinMax

    as much as I think Stern is a scummy scumbag who makes things happen to benefit the league in a not so honest way… his dress code is spot on. Image is important to billion dollar industries who are desperately trying to be more family friendly.

  • purple

    He’s not wearing it like those other guys, it’s more askew. I’m guessing it’s part of a pattern though, which the reporter alluded to. Also, only one of those other pictures was at a press conference.

  • syl5051

    When you are an adult, employed and living on your own, the only people that can question your style of dress are: your Mom, your Dad, your wife/fiancee and your Boss! Mr. Maiorana should go back to Buffalo and pound sand. We all know what this about – how else would he be noticed. Piss off a popular QB, blow-up Twitter and/or FB, etc and they’ll finally ask – “who is this Maiorana guy”? You got your few hours, now go sit down and whine to somebody that cares.

  • jihadist john™

    spinmax!…the great ben mallard is once again on 5 nights a week, just as he should’ve been all along…PLEASE make your triumphant return to overnight sportstalk radio and set our favorite clown in place…you’re a LEGEND, spin!

  • jamesisajeweler

    Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have to ACT like a PROFESSIONAL he is one. Just ask the NFL and the IRS what he does for a living.

    They’ll tell you he’s a PROFESSIONAL based upon what he’s paid from the NFL and what he’s paying in TAXES to the IRS.

    To hell with the direction in which Colin wears his hat, it’s his hat, and as long as the NFL isn’t complaining why should this bone picking reporter be?

  • Peter

    They’re closer in age, experience, and achievement. Don’t try to make this about race.

  • Peter

    Because it’s a free country. Just like Kaepernick has the right to dress however he pleases, the reporter has the right to dislike his attire.

  • Steve

    He should wear it with the brim facing the front simply because wearing it backwards highlights his nose, which is large, and to be honest, ugly. The brim will offset his beak. Just sayin

  • skip1957

    I am the same way and its not just for atheletes as I DONOT believe most are role models for our youth anyway. And in as much as comparing Kaepernick to Romo or Rothesburger? not much there either. Hats have a bill for a reason, if you don’t want to wear it correctly, dont wear one. Hats without bills are called beanies.

  • Richard Magnuson

    IT does look stupid grown men wearing their hats backwards just like kids trying to look cool. Then when the sun comes out they are covering their eyes with their hands as if they don’t know what the hat bill is there for.

  • John Fleischmann

    in case you didn’t notice the cap is slightly askew to resemble gang ties, which he of course has none. Nice role model!!

  • Dave Hinrichs

    Did this guy write an article when he wore a hat for an entirely different team?

  • Sandra Thornton

    At least one gets their money’s worth watching 49ers because they are not run of the mill NFL players. Highest salary QB is BORING now as too valuable to play and losing fans at record rate.

  • Steven_Searls

    Better than wearing a bolo tie.

  • Elaine Kapetanakis

    He looks like a thug you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley. And, when he opens his mouth, you have to wonder if he made in through the 4th grade before he sailed through life on his athletic abilities. Go Seattle, coudn’t bear to watch him another minute.

  • JayJayJo88532

    Purple, Kaepernick was not at a press conference when this photo was taken.

  • http://www.twitter.com/a_okafor007 Anthony C. Okafor

    ummm. the whole hat tilting thing to signify gang ties is what dudes in Chicago did, so Colin wouldn’t know anything about that. Second, an athlete shouldn’t be a role model.

  • Topazinator

    Fine, well and good, but find a hat that fits; that, or start riding a skateboard to the stadium . . . brah.

  • Sicko

    Some people hate to see the success this guy is having and since they can’t criticize his play they want to attack OTHER THINGS. Now I totally understand why a guy like Marshawn Lynch don’t want to talk to the Media and guess what, he gets called “UNPROFESSIONAL” for not talking to the media. So when it comes to some athletes, it is a no win situation. A bunch of bitter untalented judgmental jackasses who value their opinions too much that is all most of these “Sports Writers” are.

  • fenderbass

    Ialways though Colin Kapernick was white until I heard the media scrutinizing him for his bicep pose and tattoo.This when I had to look twice.Theres a way the media report on white players and theres a way the media report on who they think are black players.THEY made me know that kid was black.He doesn’t act black nor does he have to.I like him.I think he;’s very cool and has a lot going for himself.

  • fuji7ed

    He’s an athlete and dresses in athletic wear like he should. He is not a businessman or reverend! You and I both know this is a racial issue. Romo has never worn a suit and has never had his cap facing frontwards. one of “you people” went as far as saying wearing his hat backwards has to do with gang ties in a post! get real!!!!

  • fuji7ed

    He’s an athlete and dresses in athletic wear like he should. He is not a businessman or reverend! You and I both know this is a racial issue. Romo has never worn a suit and has never had his cap facing frontwards. one of “you people” went as far as saying wearing his hat backwards has to do with gang ties in a post! get real!!!!

  • Carla Jacobs

    kaepernick is a multidimensional hat wearer, he wears beanies, too.

  • Bogy Registrar

    Oh yeah because Russell Wilson is so much more eloquent, succinct and down to earth than Colin Kaepernick. Sorry dear RW comes off almost like a basement shut-in to me when he talks. But maybe that’s what you like, people who are withdrawn and introverted.

    Be honest, you just don’t like Kaepernicks unreserved hip hop style of dress. It has nothing to do with skin color, with his gargantuan size, with his education, with his speaking ability. You just dont like him. And thats fine, but at least be honest instead of pretending he is a bad person in an attempt to justify your disdain. no justification is needed.

  • Carla Jacobs

    he was adopted when he was young. i’m sure whether consciously or subconsciously he’s always felt/known he was different than most other people…by listening and looking you can tell he is a tad rebellious. so, he’s going with it with his dress, and in other ways being just a step away from center, and what would be considered “the norm.” he’s just making a statement that he’s unique, and he knows it. nobody hurt, no harm done.

  • Jesussaves

    Next thing you know, he’ll be getting death threats.

  • skip1957

    wow, even i would think a death threat is a little strong for not learning how to wear a hat. Not sure why everything has to be made into a race issue. I believe earlier i said that Romo and Rothesburger are no better at knowing how to wear a hat. Looking stupid crosses all lines.

  • Dave Hinrichs

    I’m a 49er fan and I can criticize the crap out of his play. He’s been gifted with way more talent than his eyes and his brain can keep up with.

  • Daniel Paulitska

    I would have told the sports writer to bend over and kiss my butt

  • BigSweezer

    “Wear a suit to the stadium on game night… Why?” What difference does it make if you dress ‘professionally’ or casually to the arena. If the players are dressed in non-offensive, clean, manly attire, what else matters? They put on uniform, play a game (or sport if you prefer), get re-dressed then hop in the bus and leave. Whether a man wears his hat forward, backwards or to the side, neither position substantiates his intellect, athletic ability or professional behavior. When one of these suit-and-tie athletes ignore your signature request with a look of scorn, you’ll be butt-hurt over that same man that fit your idea of well-dressed appearance.

  • Guest

    I disagree. Even back in highschool you are told to dress nice on game day. It is what you do as an athlete. I think he looks stupid with his hat askew, but it has nothing to do with his playing.

  • GirlBaller

    I disagree. Even back in highschool you are told to dress nice on game day. It is what you do as an athlete. I think he looks stupid with his hat askew at his age, but it has nothing to do with his playing.

  • Mark Thomas

    Wearing a slanted hat IS a gang sign. Just stupid.

  • SpinMax

    How did this whole thing get into press conferences? You see guys wearing a variety of things in pressers because many haven’t hit the showers yet. Guys like Romo who are doing on field interviews while the rest of the team is in the lockerroom, often don’t have the time to shower. They get their pads off, throw on a tshirt, hat, and go back out there

  • ElderAmbassador

    I am a big fan of the 49’ers and this guy just is not the right one at QB. Listen to him for 2 minutes and you can tell he is dumber than a post. Talented to some degree, but still dumber than a post.

  • Tres Nueve

    He has a 4.0 GPA.

  • Pam

    I could not agree more with this writer! I saw this interview with the hat cockeyed…I think Kapernick looked like a punk and all I kept thinking during the interview is that “he should not be allowed to wear his hat like that! He does need to look and act like a professional! this is his job! he looked like a punk and an idiot! he should have turned his hat around or taken his hat off altogether!

  • iTriune

    So what’s wrong with that? He is a 26 year old kid that plays sports.

  • iTriune

    The pink elephant in the room is race. These other QB’s don’t have suits on all the time and they have their fair share of urban wear days. At the end of the day, Kaepernick is a 26 year old young athlete. What he wears is appropriate and suitable for what he does. As well, what he dresses like should never overshadow the fact that he’s well spoken, is a good role model, doesn’t get into trouble off of the field, and is successful at his job. Why do those things go overlooked?

  • Dchap

    WOW! People always have something negative to say about others. To be honest, it is just plain old sad. If that man wants to wear his hat backwards, to the side, on his face, or even pinned up on his shirt, etc, that is his business. Just like someone else said on here, if the NFL don’t have a problem with it, then, EVERYONE NEEDS TO LET IT GO!! Go out there and get it Kaep!

  • gg

    how about take those stupid headphones off when u are doing an interview. u look like what u really are