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Monday, May 21, 2018

Radio host Craig Carton to Hank Haney: You’re the scum of the Earth

The list of people who are waiting for an opportunity to unload on Hank Haney is long and distinguished. Regardless of the type of person he is or the mistakes he has made in his past, Tiger Woods still has a massive following. Anyone who paid attention to the Arnold Palmer Invitational last weekend is well aware of that. For every person who enjoys reading “The Big Miss” and delving into the life of arguably the greatest golfer who has ever lived, there are several others who think the way in which Haney betrayed Tiger’s trust is despicable. Craig Carton of WFAN in New York may be near the top of that list, as evidenced by the way he unloaded on Haney on Friday.

Haney joined WFAN for an interview with “Boomer & Carton” that turned into Carton simply telling Haney how he feels about him rather than a question-and-answer session. Haney defended the book by saying he only included things that he thought had to do with golf, which as we know from some of the revelations is a highly questionable claim. The entire interview can be heard here and is worth listening to if you enjoy bickering.

The highlights came toward the end, when Carton told Haney that he is “the scum of the earth” after telling him several times throughout the interview to not be a “coward” and hang up. Boomer tried to interject a couple times to keep the interview rolling, but Carton was way too fired up.

“I think you’re a horrible human being…” Carton said toward the end of the interview before Haney hung up.

“You don’t know me,” Haney fired back.

“I know you enough and here’s what I know about you — the guy paid you, in the course of your time with him, probably well in excess of $1 million,” Carton said. “Without him you don’t have a TV show. You probably got $500,000 to write this book and you probably pitched it to the publisher as a tell-all book from the one guy who may have known Tiger better than almost anybody. And it’s guys like you — the scum of the earth — that abrogate a relationship and say things about men that only they know, which is so patently offensive to the trust that public figures on the level of Tiger Woods have to be careful about. It’s disgusting.”

Carton then told Haney he hopes every golfer in America is fearful of letting him become their swing coach because of the book. One thing I will agree with Craig on is that I’m sure Haney pitched the book exactly the way Carton said he did. He pretends the book only reveals information that is relevant to Tiger’s life as a golfer , but it’s far more than that. Haney knew he could get rich by writing it, and that’s exactly what he is doing.

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