Johnny Miller questions Tiger Woods’ drop on 14

Tiger-WoodsTiger Woods was questioned for the second tournament in a row for a drop he took after hitting into the water.

Tiger went into the water on the par-4 14th hole during the final round of The Players on Sunday. He took a drop which led to some questions from NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller.

“That was really, really borderline. I couldn’t live with myself without saying that,” Miller said, via Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner.

Miller is known for being a controversial announcer, so this sort of thing is nothing new for him. This is also nothing new for Tiger, who was facing disqualification at the Masters after taking an illegal drop on the 15th hole at Augusta during his second round.

Woods took his one-stroke penalty for hitting into the water on 14 and double-bogeyed the hole. He won the tournament at 13-under, but the drop he took on 14 has left many questions.

Woods’ options after hitting into the water were: 1) play his shot from the original location 2) play from behind the water hazard 3) play where the ball crossed over the hazard.

Did Tiger do any of the three? The PGA Tour had his back by issuing this statement:

“Without definitive evidence, the point where Woods’ ball last crossed the lateral water hazard is determined through best judgement by Woods and his fellow competitor. If that point later proves to be a wrong point (through television or other means), the player is not penalized by Rule 26-1 given the fact that a competitor would risk incurring a penalty every time he makes an honest judgment as to the point where his ball last crosses a water-hazard margin and that judgment subsequently proves incorrect (Decision 26-1/17).”

Video via The Big Lead

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  • heyyou111

    and mark rolfing who is following the group said he was quite comfortable with it.

  • neb

    Should be noted that Tiger took an illegal drop in his first event of the year. So this would be the 3rd time in 2013 Tiger has taken a questionable drop.

  • neb

    I didn’t realize Rofling was the end all and be all of rulings.

  • Mix

    Johnny Miller was hating on Tiger the whole day! Probably racist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cave-Bear/100003630909563 Cave Bear

    I think Rolfing was trying to bail out the stupid statement by Miller. The caddies, players and marshals all agreed that he dropped behind where it crossed the hazard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cave-Bear/100003630909563 Cave Bear

    Let’s see – illegal drop is 2 stroke penalty. I don’t remember another instance of Tiger being penalized for an illegal drop other than the Masters. Care to be specific?

  • neb

    I could be wrong here but it seemed like Tiger got up to and played his 3rd very quickly (maybe it was just TV). But he has a tendency to play shots after penalties very quickly when usually he’s a very slow player. That drop was very questionable.

  • neb

    HSBC. First event on the Euro Tour in 2013. Tiger took an illegal drop resulting in a MC. I can’t think of another time that a top player has taken 3 questionable drops in a year, let alone in the first 4 months.

  • Streaming Sports Talk

    As far as I am concerned Tiger Woods cheated in golf years ago when he had all those fans come out onto the fairway and move the giant boulder out of his way. How many years ago was that? No way the PGA tour should have let that happen. If you can pick it up and move it your self it is a lose impediment if you can’t do it your self then it isn’t. The fans should have never been able to go onto the fairway and move the giant rock.

  • http://twitter.com/Muleriders98 Dave Graham

    Why isn’t anyone questioning Sergio for tapping down a spike mark in his putting line? Seems like a one way conversation to me. Of course we all knew Sergio would CHOKE!


    During the final round of the 1999 Phoenix Open held at the TPC in Scottsdale, Tiger’s tee shot on the par-five 13th hole came to rest directly behind a boulder to the left of the fairway. The boulder was the size of a large coffee table, was estimated to weigh nearly 2,000 pounds and interfered with his swing toward the green.

    Upon seeing his situation, Tiger asked the rules official, Orlando Pope, if the boulder was a loose impediment. The Rules of Golf define a loose impediment as a natural object such as stones, leaves, and twigs, provided they are not fixed or growing, are not solidly embedded and do not adhere to the ball. The definition of a loose impediment puts no restrictions on the size of the natural object. Tiger was told yes, the boulder was a loose impediment. Provided it can be removed without unduly delaying play, the Rules allow a loose impediment to be removed without penalty except if the player’s ball and the loose impediment are in a bunker or a water hazard.

    Even with his great strength, Tiger knew he could not move the boulder himself, so he asked if anyone could assist him in moving it out of his way. Much to his surprise, he was told that in accordance with Decision 23-1/3 of the Rules of Golf, he could have his caddie, other players and even spectators help him to move the boulder. Upon being asked by Tiger, several spectators were more than happy to come inside the ropes and move the boulder to a place where it no longer interfered with his swing.

    As we all know, with the boulder out of his way, Tiger was able to hit his approach shot to the green and two-putted from there to birdie the hole. At the time, the ruling was quite controversial, as many people felt quite strongly that the decision he was given was wrong and that he only got it because if his “Star Status” on the PGA Tour.

    On the contrary, the decisions, which were used by Orlando Pope to rule upon this incident, had been on the books long before 1999. In fact, they derived from a problem, which took place over 50 years before in a foursome event in England. In that situation, the loose impediment was a fallen tree, which interfered with the player’s swing, and the player alone could not move it out of his way. For any experienced rules official, Tiger’s rock was a very easy situation to quickly rule on.

    For several years after, the boulder was left in the position that the spectators had moved it to. It has since been replaced to its original spot and a plaque placed on it to commemorate the ruling. It is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since this ruling occurred. Even today, it is widely discussed. Learning the Rules of Golf is difficult for most people. But incidents like Tiger’s rock provide great teaching opportunities that we can all learn from.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kurt.mueller.5811 Kurt Mueller

    How do you figure Tiger is a slow player ? Tiger has been vocal about speeding up play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kurt.mueller.5811 Kurt Mueller

    whats your point ?

  • neb

    Tiger says one thing and does another. It’s called hypocrisy. Do a little research on slow play and Tiger, you’ll see.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kurt.mueller.5811 Kurt Mueller

    When has he ever been penalized for slow play ?

  • mlk84

    Johnny Miller was not just corrected, he was immediately corrected by the announcer who was following, on the field, right there, with the playing partner, playing partner’s caddie and a marshal who all approved what Tiger did. Johnny Miller and others who are making these arm chair, booth comments wants to get their press off of negative comments about Tiger. Miller is racist and a has been and wish he had such a career as Tiger. The problem with this latest tactic, EPIC FAIL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jess-Perry/100001839908732 Jess Perry

    rolfing said it looked like it was over water well before where tiger was walking to drop, dido for miller,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jess-Perry/100001839908732 Jess Perry

    u think no name witenberg if going to tell worlds number 1 where it really crossed??? of course not, ball never went over corner where he dropped, should have hit off tee again, probably would have had same score, but who knows, ask Tigers ex wife about his integrity!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Spero/100000208592110 Frank Spero

    leave it to big ass mouth miller who has to keep his mouth running so we will know he’s the encyclopedia of golf

  • johnny1313

    Rolfing initially had big problems where Tiger was dropping, but miraculously 5 minutes later all was right with the world and he declared Tiger’s drop legit, even though Tiger had walked another 100 yards from the spot Rolfing first expressed concerns. Rolfing should be ashamed. Everyone on the 14th tee knows the drop was bad, including Tiger’s caddie. C’mon, Joe, do the right thing and come clean.

  • mlk84

    A hater if I ever heard one. Tiger won. Get over your hate Miller fed you with his wrong statement.

  • mlk84

    Silence. Let’s just say you won that thread. These idiots hate they do not know golf or the rules.

  • jdun

    Roger Maltbie, who was following Tiger, thought the drop couldn’t be argued with, was near where it was supposed to be. TV viewers reallly couldn’t tell as they only ran the replay once.. Plus, he took a double bogey on the hole anyway. Tiger won the tournament because everyone else folded!

  • http://twitter.com/sportsmouth Tyler Wood

    Johnny Miller is not a “has been”, he is a “never was”. The guy’s announcing (if you can call it that) is absolutely UNBEARABLE. He is a bitter old man sitting on the sidelines taking shots at guys whose talented surpasses his by light years. Everything that comes out of his mouth is negative, and he jumps on every opportunity he can to talk about himself. Him questioning Tiger’s drop was for no other reason than to get his name in the papers. Everyone knew about Tiger’s drop at the Masters, so the fact he was in yet another drop situation, made for a perfect opportunity to stir sh!t up. He is a disgrace to the game, a disgrace to broadcast journalism, & a disgrace to the Golf Channel & NBC. I wish someone would just walk up to that booth and punch him right in the mouth…and I can only imagine what his colleagues think about him. I can just see everyone doing everything in their power to avoid him when he shows up at the course.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.arman.3 Nicole Arman

    Whats the matter neb, Tiger getting under your skin again? I hope you’re young enough to suffer all the victories ahead of him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicole.arman.3 Nicole Arman

    Amen. Miller should be fired. He’s had plenty of chances to get his mouth under control, but once again, he can’t help himself.

  • Tarun Kumar

    wow niger won again and he will again u all haters stf up and watch golf donnot listen to racist commentators if u love golf watch just wacth t woods and u might learn a thing or two about life may be golf too it all debends on yr mentality