Pornstar Joslyn James to Play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 on Website While Topless

Those of you who like video games and porn will love this. One of Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses, Joslyn James, is apparently a gamer.  Either that or she is just looking to capitalize on a chance to make a quick buck.  With the way our society loves naked women and golf, I’m sure she is going to make more than a few dollars off this stunt.

As the Examiner pointed out to us, James is taking part in a live event on Oct. 5 on the newly-launched website www.pwnedbygirls.com.  During this highly-anticipated show, James will be featured on a streaming video that shows her playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 topless.  America, don’t go changin’.

James you may recall, was said to be Tiger’s favorite mistress. Last February, it was reported that James was impregnated by Tiger twice.

The first live event on the site was Sept. 20 and featured the launch of the new game Gears of War 3.  Since that day, the site has reportedly received more than 2.5 million hits.  It would stand to reason that the whole Tiger-Joslyn theme will be enough to make that number sky-rocket.  Whether you agree with the event or not, it certainly should be a slam dunk in terms of a cheap way to make a bundle of cash.

H/T to Sports by Brooks Live for the story.

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  • Anonymous

    You know Tiger has a great deal more sense than I assumed. I checked out his poor mistress who is simply trying to make ends meet as it were.
    Most of this reminds me of Linda Tripp,the Kennedy mistresses,the various mistresses of Louix XIV.
    In common parlance it is called a shakedown.
    Poor Prince Charles must drag around his present wife since the self-righteous have armed the battlements. This is in itself rather strange when the divorce rates in the US and EU hover around 30 to 50 percent. Let us all have a little reality check and examine our office,our town,our colleges.Sit back,have a drink and ponder the present state of affairs including the massive number of harassment suits.
    Who’s making the money? Right,the attorneys.How strange?

  • Greg Lucas

    The site needs naked women because site design and writing won’t be attracting anyone.

  • Anonymous

    She’s available everywhere – http://www.lobstertube.com/search/?q=Joslyn+James

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F2AGEH7Y66S2MLKUPNYJ7FL6LU blpblack

    I think that is the same girl who played Call of duty : black ops at the lunch party last year. And if it is, she can play her butt off. The girl I played with had a 6-1 kill ratio against about twenty different guys from the armed services