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Monday, March 19, 2018

Sean Foley: Tiger Woods is a great tipper

Tiger-Woods-Sean-FoleyTiger Woods is one of a number of extremely wealthy professional athletes who have been accused of being cheap. Several months ago, Rick Reilly said during an appearance on “Conan” that Tiger is a horrible tipper who is hesitant to even give a valet worker $2. More recently, Golf Digest’s Dan Jenkins ridiculed Woods for being a bad tipper in his infamous parody interview that set Tiger off.

According to Tiger’s former swing coach Sean Foley, Woods is beyond generous when it comes to handing out money.

“They can talk about how he doesn’t tip or whatever but it’s just more bulls—,” Foley said during an interview with Rick Young if ScoreGolf. “I’ve seen him tip caddies at local clubs $400, so I don’t know where that comes from. Seriously, saying he doesn’t tip? How come he (Jenkins) doesn’t mention Tiger raising $300 million for kids? Tiger is the epitome of the double-edged sword.”

Foley, who was fired by Woods back in August after working with him for over three years, went out of his way to defend the 14-time major champion.

“Anything he does great doesn’t get mentioned,” Foley said. “Anything he doesn’t it’s all over the place. Can you even imagine what the fallout would be if it was him and not (Phil) Mickelson who called out Tom Watson at the Ryder Cup?”

Foley brought up a lot of great points, and he’s right about the Mickelson thing. What he failed to mention is that many people hate Tiger because of his countless acts of infidelity.

But if Tiger truly is a generous tipper, Reilly and Jenkins should at least give him a break for that. Maybe Foley has seen Woods on his good days and Reilly has not had the pleasure.

H/T Eye on Golf

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