Tiger Woods May Not Qualify for His Own Golf Tournament

You probably already realized that Tiger Woods has been less than impressive over the past year. The once invincible golfer lost the No. 1 ranking in the world — an honor he held for 281 straight weeks — to Lee Westwood last October. In May, he fell out of the top 10 for the first time since 1997. Presently he’s ranked 38th in the Official World Golf Rankings.

As CBS Sports points out, the low ranking puts him in jeopardy of not qualifying for his own tournament.

Tiger hosts the Chevron World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, Ca. in December. The tournament has 18 spots: the current major winners, the top 11 available players from the World Golf Rankings, the defending champ, and two exemption players selected by the Tiger Woods Foundation. The rub is that players must be ranked in the top 50 as of September 20th to qualify for an exemption.

If Tiger falls 13 spots in the next three weeks, the Chevron World Challenge is going to have an embarrassing situation on their hands. I’m sure this will all be worked out — Tiger is not going to miss his own tournament if he’s healthy — but it’s somewhat ironic that he may not be able to qualify for his exclusive event.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gilbert-Madrid/100000924789139 Gilbert Madrid

    Mr. Brown acts as if he is surprised at Tigers lack lustre play. If  he  is…what the f…. There are still guys who plays practically every tournament that are not half as good as Tiger that don’t qualify? Everybody who is in the top fifty is normally looked as by the media as superior golfers. Matter a fact, let’s go out on the limb and say the top 100 instead. Tiger has dominated the sport for nearly fifteen years. Tiger has had a run that nobody in the field, young and older, will ever get close to. Tiger has had a string of 140 cuts in a row. Jack N. had 103. Someone presently has 40. Tiger has only missed 7 cuts in his career. the majority of the players miss more than that in a years. Phil for example, plays all the time, can’t dominate even with Tiger out of the field, and there is no heavy scrutiny for him by the media about that. I wonder why? Tiger was great or is great because he consistently won tournaments when he was expected to, especially the majors.  Tiger is still better than more than half the field. He is still in his thirties and has great pedigree. He’ll be back. Stricker is 40 and is playing better than ever. He  is lauded as an above average, top 10, one of the best players in the world kind of golfer, and don’t even have a major.  It is a no brainer Tiger will be back. Tiger may not have the intimidation factor as he did, nevertheless when he is in the field there is no one out there that can tell me he is not in the back of the minds of the top players going in. They are all still wondering when Tiger will sneak up and pounce on them again. Anyway, you guys get the point.