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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tiger Woods upset over two-shot penalty at BMW Championship (Video)

Tiger Woods is in the headlines once again for receiving a two-shot penalty on the course, and he is not happy about it.

Woods was hit with a two-stroke penalty in his second round at the BMW Championship on Friday after officials learned that the golfer did not report that his ball moved as he was removing some debris on the first hole.

“Tiger evidently hit it over the green and was moving some loose impediments,” PGA Tour rules official Slugger White said, via Golf Channel. “There was a little stick of some sort … next to his ball, and when he rolled that, the ball in fact moved.

“So in that situation, had he put the ball back it would have been a one‑stroke penalty. He didn’t, so he gets a two‑stroke penalty.”

Tour officials reportedly were notified about the violation while Woods was still competing on the front nine. A videographer who took video that was not shown on TV apparently recorded the moment. Tiger apparently told officials the ball only oscillated and did not move, but he was shown the video that proved otherwise (video seen at the top).

Tiger Woods penalty

Instead of a 1-under 70, Tiger signed for a 1-over 72.

Golf Channel reports that Woods did not speak to reporters after leaving the scoring trailer. They also say a loud bang was heard, as if someone punched or kicked a wall.

This is starting to become a familiar story for Tiger. There was a huge drop controversy involving Tiger at the Masters that led to a two-strike penalty for the golfer. Woods was also questioned for taking a controversial drop at The Players in May.

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