Adrien Broner makes Paulie Malignaggi’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Corazon central story

Corazon says she and Broner are not in a relationship and that they are just friends.

For what it’s worth, Arie indicated that she was prepared to watch Broner fight and was still calling Broner her “boo” as of Saturday night:

Meanwhile, the weirdness between Corazon and Malignaggi continued. Corazon accused Malignaggi of stalking her and trying to get back at her by talking to her ex-boyfriend.

Though many things in boxing are fake and done to generate buzz and hype to build up a fight/rivalry, this whole beef looks 100 percent real.

Here are pictures of Broner and Corazon together in the past week:

And here’s Corazon with Malignaggi last year:

Not only was Broner throwing Malignaggi’s ex-girlfriend back in his face, but he also elevated the trash talk by wearing a T-shirt that called Paulie “Paullette” prior to their fight:

Adrien Broner Paulette

Maybe we can credit Broner for winning the mental battle before the actual fight began.

Image via YouTube/IfilmLondon

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  • TruNYC

    That’s what happens when you hang with skanks Paulie. You did it to yourself homie. Elevate the people in your relationships above trash.

  • kj

    I think the fight should of been a draw, but Adrian was unprofessional after the fight with the trash talk bout the ugly ass Jessica

  • chickc

    I was surprised that Paulie did as well as he did. I love watching Broner but his narcissistic demeanor is just ridiculous. Even Mayweather has finally matured enough to realize the importance of winning over fans. This kid is just an immature idiot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-J-Smith/1251683382 Stephen J. Smith

    Hooker…………………..prostitute…………….shluttttttttt for money.

  • davis

    Ugh, that girl NASTY!


    Glad to see paulie ain’t gay

  • chris

    Date some models paulie not trash you find laying around to get picked up she ain’t nothing to brag about she probably sucked a good one but not worth the media shows that broner ugly ass is in love with trash look at his moms house he still a rookie to a legend.

  • Qwertywitter

    He has been unprofessional all the time.