Britney to Lose the Kids?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking … what the hell is this doing on here? To what levels have I stooped? Well, I consider everything Brit does to be fair game, so it all has a place here. Oh yeah, that, and I really couldn’t ignore the tip sent in by contributor Nick. According to Foxnews, Spears could be in danger of losing the kids. Apparently the attorney in the case has some sort of “secret” witness. Whatever. I don’t know too much about secret witnesses, nor custody cases. But there is one thing that I do know. If there’s one person who won’t be too happy about this news, it’s this person:

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  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    i dont give 2 shits about brit and her rather large front porch but this is funny!!! This what happens when 2 hillbillies bread!!!!

  • verily

    Well, I decided to post here because I can’t find Larry Brown’s “article” on Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne – if there even IS an article. Hank Kuehne made 872,000 dollars in 20o4 outdriving EVERYBODY on the PGA tour – even Tiger! Hank does not NEED a “sugar-mama.” Btw, Hank and Tiger are longtime friends, having first met when they were 15 years-old.

  • http://extrapolater.com Extra P.

    I can see why she identifies with Britney so much – she is also clearly “going through a rough time” right now.

  • http://yahoo kendaiory

    i agree with this gentleman,she isnt well right now kevin fucked her around ,he did all of her partying and no one fucking bashed him ,but now shes not what people would have her to be ,but even mommies have hard times too.she needs love and theraphy and prayer shes human believe it or not .and those 2 boys deserve there mom back.because yes kevin might be the better parent now,to the publics eye hes done his share of shit too,she covered his ass supported him and for that to be the mom of his kids hes done nothing but milk her ass, and rode on her coat tail of fame.but to all k feds. supporters hes done nothing defend her nor support her ,just live as the smug user and fake ass nigga brit seen even though the dumb ass public seems to still cant wake up and see him for what he is he used her just as he did his once preg. girl friend sharjackson it would seem he only uses people to get his own ass in the spot light ….so show mercy to brit and pray for her because we have not walked a mile in her shoes….