Deion Sanders jumps for joy on Twitter after finalizing divorce from Pilar Sanders

Deion-Sanders-Pilar-Sanders-LawsuitFormer NFL cornerback Deion Sanders has spent well over a year going through a sticky divorce, but he took a step toward getting it all over with last week. Sanders and his now ex-wife Pilar finalized their divorce on Friday — 18 months after filing.

As the Dallas Morning News pointed out, the drama is far from finished. Pilar’s attorney, Larry Freidman, said a judge has severed multiple tort claims that Pilar has brought against Deion including fraud, breach of fiduciary, mental distress and physical abuse. Those will be heard in court later, but for now Deion is taking some time to celebrate his divorce becoming official.

The Sanders divorce proceedings have been ugly from the start. Last year, Deion accused Pilar of “jumping” him with one of her friends right in front of the couple’s kids. Prior to that, Pilar threw this very damaging accusation at Deion.

Given all the drama that has taken place since last year, you can understand why Sanders is relieved. That being said, he may want to save the champagne until the rest of the mess is sorted out.

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  • Tom Tuttle

    So much for claiming to be a Christian. I thought Christian’s don’t divorce? Just like all Christian’s, he is just a hypocrite after all.

  • dee

    Tom, “people” make bad choices in life, you recognize it, do what needs to be done to repent of it. Christians do the right thing and know, don’t do that again!! Have you ever made a bad choice??

  • MrWhamBam

    get a damn life…good grief. Who cares if he got a divorce or not?.. I tell you what…why don’t you marry him, “Miss Tuttle”?. Evidently, you got the kind of “oral skills” that’s sure to keep him married to you, right?…lol.