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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dez Bryant to sue Twitter account that made up groupie story?

While many athletes ignore rumors about them to avoid giving phony stories credibility, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant decided to take one straight on.

Someone running a now-deleted Twitter account called “NFL_NBA_Groupie” posted photos on Twitter of an alleged text conversation they had with Bryant. The conversation included raunchy talks about urination and strap-ons. There was no evidence that the conversations were real, and things looked even more fishy when that same account talked about sexual conquests involving a number of other athletes. Translation: the whole thing looked made up by some loser with too much time on their hands.

Shortly after Black Sports Online posted a story about the ridiculous claims, the Cowboys receiver struck back over Twitter.

Bryant linked to a screenshot of the alleged text conversation shared by the deleted Twitter account and said it was all baloney. “For all stupid people I don’t have a Dallas number” he wrote in a tweet that has been deleted.

To further prove his point, Bryant then linked to a screenshot of the deleted NFL_NBA_Groupie Twitter account to show that the account was a phony:

NFL NBA groupie Twitter

“You can’t always believe what you see are hear … I wonder what happen whoever it was deleted the page LMAO!!!!!” Bryant wrote in another tweet that has been deleted.

But Bryant did leave up one tweet on his account.

So now Bryant is threatening to sue the bogus account. Good, I hope he goes after it. I can’t stand phony Twitter accounts and I can’t believe we even got to this point with what was clearly a phony story.

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