Dwyane Wade demands psychological evaluation for ex-wife

Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade

The battle between Dwyane Wade and ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches is not get any better. The two reached a financial agreement recently, but they are now fighting over Funches’ visitation rights for their two sons.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Wade would not allow her sons to go with their mother for a previously scheduled two-week visit because of concerns over her mental health. The Sun-Times says Wade filed an emergency motion in Miami last week demanding Funches submit to a psychological evaluation or lose rights to any future visits with her children.

What caused Wade to have concerns over his ex’s behavior and psychological state? Her homeless demonstration in the Chicago streets recently.

“S.L.’s [Funches-Wade’s] statements, behavior, and her demeanor in court reflect that she is presently lost, angry and desperate. Her behavior is not in the children’s best interests…D.T. [Wade] requests that this Court immediately suspend S.L.’s timesharing…pending the results of a psychological evaluation of S.L.,” Wade’s filing states.

Funches defended herself, telling the Sun-Times in a statement that this is how Wade responds anytime she speaks out publicly about their situation. She also says she should have been allowed custody of their sons for the planned two-week visit pending the outcomes of a hearing. A 2011 judgment calls for the parents to have alternating two-week blocks of custody of their children during the summer. Wade has full custody of their sons otherwise.

Wade and Funches were high school sweethearts and married in 2002. Wade filed for divorce in 2007. What a nasty, nasty situation.

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  • fran

    Dwayne should be ashamed of himself he is no better then his ex-wife. He claimed when she had custody of the kids he went to pick up the kids and she did not turn them over to him for a couple of hours later and she was arrest and put in jail. Well he should have been arrested and put in jail as well for not giving the kids over to her for her visits. I don’t believe a word that is coming from him. He is using his money to buy these judges off and using his fame as a basketball player. Him and his Lawyer are snakes. What he is doing to her he will pay one day and it want be pretty he will see. What goes around will come back and bite you in the butt. So I lose all respect for him as a father he is no one to look up to not doing what he is doing. He is not a good role model for our boys to look up to. Anybody that thinks cheating on your wife during your marriage with a home recker and now that the divorce is over you all out there before the marriage was over like that is a good thing got to be crazy if any women thank that is okay they need there head examine for real. He in my book is not somebody I would let my boy look up to not him out of all people. In my book the judge needs to make him go for a physco visit as well he need to be examine as well. He may be a good daddy to the kids but his ex-wife is a good mother to the kids as well so don’t try to make her out to be crazy when just listening to her it is clear that all she wants is what is due to her for as access during the marriage and Dwayne don’t want to give her a fair share of what she deserves. So he try’s to make her out to look crazy. The Judges should be ashamed of themselves as well they no this girl is fighting for what she deserves to have that’s the bottom line here.