Eddie Murphy’s daughters did lingerie shoot in Michael Strahan’s bedroom

Shayne-MurphyTwo of Eddie Murphy’s daughters, 19-year-old Shayne and 24-year-old Bria, recently posed for a racy lingerie shoot. The photos were professionally done, and the young ladies have shared many of them on social media. They have also given us a behind-the-scenes tour into the life of Michael Strahan in the process.

As TMZ pointed out on Thursday, one segment of the lingerie shoot took place inside Strahan’s bedroom. Strahan has been engaged to Nicole Murphy, Eddie’s ex-wife and Shayne’s and Bria’s mother, since 2009. The two live together in a Beverly Hills mansion.

Dimitri Ray, the photographer who snapped the photos, told TMZ that Shayne and Bria chose the master bedroom as one of the shoot locations. If you look at this photo of Strahan’s bedroom, you can see that the headboard is clearly in the background of some of the images below.

They also appeared to pose for some photos elsewhere in the home.

Apparently the girls are looking to use the photos to pitch themselves to Victoria’s Secret. To make matters more interesting, TMZ also noted that they did not consult Michael and Nicole before turning their bedroom into a sexy backdrop. Oooooh they’re in trouuubleeeeee.

Poor Strahan. Doesn’t he have enough going on in his life? He doesn’t need the general public knowing where he sleeps at night.

Photo via Instagram/Shayne Murphy

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  • Arsen Dadyan

    Strahan is an idiot!! He doesn’t realize that he is being used classic case of an ex of a celebrity who no longer gets the attention nor the money that she once did….so she gets with an ex athlete who has money but doesnt know what to do with it. Look at all of those vh1 shows of ex’s…they all need the attention and go from show to show to still keep their name out there and their 15min of shame. This marriage will be over in a few years after she uses Strahan’s hookups for herself and her daughters…brown bag them all!