Floyd Mayweather Jr. supposedly dropped $50,000 at a strip club

Who says Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t do charity work? The boxer known as “Money” Mayweather made a generous donation to the United Strippers of America, reportedly combining with Kim K. sex video partner Ray J. to drop $50,000 at the Diamonds of Atlanta strip club on Wednesday night.

TMZ makes a good point that for $50k you should be getting much better looking girls, but when Mayweather is determined to spend money, he lets nothing stand in his way.

Mayweather said last year that partying and spending cash is part of his job to maintain his “Money” image, so I have just one question: does that make his night out at the strip club a tax write off?

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GBWVJOTMV2SQYGAZM4SOKG7SYI Taj Black

    Maywhether is an idiot. An he is starting to look just like his crack head dad and uncle..he will only be  “Pretty” as long as he is making it rain. but when the money runs out. he’ll be a 147 lb ugly little roach