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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

George Clooney new girlfriend Monika Jakisic hooked up with Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds If you asked me on Monday what George Clooney and Barry Bonds have in common, the only answer I could have given you is that they probably have similar career earnings. A day later, I’ve learned something far more disturbing, something far more unlikely, and something I never would have thought possible. According to a report, Barry Bonds and George Clooney are Eskimo Brothers.

Us Weekly reported last week that Clooney, who split with Stacy Keibler in July, has a new girl he’s hooking up with. This new girlfriend is Monika Jakisic, a 33-year-old London-based model with whom Clooney reportedly flirted at a club in May. Now Clooney’s dating life is not a subject that typically interests us, but one little detail about the story ties it all together.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported on Sunday that Jakisic, aka “The Croatian Sensation,” used to hook up with Bonds. A source told them that Bonds used to go into the Palazzo apartments in Los Angeles to pick up Jakisic, who was living there at the time.

So let me refresh: the same model with whom Clooney is hooking up also used to date Bonds. I really can’t get my head around this one. I’m having a really hard time processing this. Seriously.

Clooney has always been considered a ladies’ man. He’s like supposedly one of the most desirable men out there. And Bonds? Yeah he’s a home run king, but I’ve never heard of him described in dazzling or personable terms. I know you’re not supposed to use the transitive property when it comes to dating but, if I’m Clooney, I’d have to be more than a little alarmed about dating a girl who also found Bonds to be suitable. That’s a deal-breaker right there. As soon as I found out that information, I’d hit the eject button. Done. No questions asked, but no thank you.

Actually, I should make one note — Clooney has had one tie to another steroid-using all-star in the past.

Thanks to Arsen for the tip

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