Jenna Jameson accuses Tito Ortiz of being drug addict, nearly killing her

Tito Ortiz Jenna JamesonPorn star Jenna Jameson went on a major Twitter rant on Thursday in which she accused ex-boyfriend Tito Ortiz of being a drug addict who faked drug tests for the UFC. She also accused him of nearly killing her in February.

Jameson’s rant seems to be inspired by her anger over losing primary custody of their twin 4-year-old sons.

Jameson and Ortiz have a shaky history.

The two began dating in 2006, had children in 2009, and Ortiz was arrested for alleged domestic abuse in 2010 (both later recanted their allegations against each other). The two supposedly broke up last year, but they may have gotten back together before breaking up again. TMZ reported in April that Ortiz is the primary caretaker of their children because he believes Jameson is unfit to care for them. She also reportedly moved out of their Huntington Beach, Calif., home.

Now that you have the back story, get ready for the rant that includes all Jameson’s crazy accusations, including some supposed drug photos.

How did Ortiz respond to the rant? By sharing a photo on Instagram of some children playing in a wading pool.

Summer is here. Love the heat. #positive

Ortiz also sent the following statement to TMZ:

“The unfortunate allegations being made against me are simply not true.

“I would never do anything to jeopardize my family. Being a great father and protecting the well-being of my children remains my top priority.

“I thank my family, friends, and fans for their kind words of support at this time. For my children’s sake, I appreciate you respecting our privacy.”

While I can’t speak about the allegations between them, what I can say is that Jameson’s unhinged rant does nothing to prove to me that she is mature and responsible. Sharing all of those accusations in a public setting like Twitter shows me how erratic her judgment is.

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  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    I’m sure if Gordon Gee has said something like that about the Chinese, Blacks, Dogs or Bisexuals, we’d have read a story in here about it.

  • tajblack

    who cares they all look prescribed so he’s clear..be different if there were random drugs with no lables..smh …this bust it wide open chick needs to go sit down somewhere

  • Matt

    Not to mention it doesn’t show anything but Ibuprofen, B vitamins and syringes. She’s so dumb that she thinks she makes him look bad posting a pic of 800mg version of Advil and the media is dumb enough to not mention the drugs she shows are innocuous.

  • debandskippy

    Wow, what a whack job she’s become!

  • Justin Jackson

    i saw ibuprofen and a vile of vitamin b complex

  • tajblack

    shes allways been a whack job! trick started making pornos at 15. she lied about her age to the producer of the movies so the story goes..shes given to much head to donkey dick dudes its damaged her brain..

  • amom

    why don’t she have food in that fridge!!! All I seen was a row of soda. If your such a good mom their would be groceries in there not junk!

  • alan b

    oh gee he suddenly became an drug addict and an abuser

    shut-up and go back to making porn movies

    I am tired of women complaining about guys abusing them– these guys don`t just snap one day – they are jerks from the beginning.

    Gee ladies how about those comments from all the men on Fox – but your not going to do anything– why would any woman watch these people who think so little of women- and buy the sponsors products

    oh well women are stupid

  • Tom Hagler

    C’mon a professional cocksucker and professional fighter as husband and wife?? how could you not see the drama coming

  • Smakin Da Box


  • Tom Hagler

    hey smakin!

    you’re right I forgot the gal’s munchin’ glazed carpet.

  • nedmorlef

    ok and the pot calls the kettle black.

  • nedmorlef


  • momma

    Those poor kids…