Katherine Webb tweets ‘don’t believe everything you hear’ after AJ McCarron breakup rumors

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb reportedly broke up recently. The story first surfaced early Friday morning, with Webb’s mother supposedly telling a gossip website that the couple is no longer together. Shortly after word began circulating the internet, Webb sent out the following tweet.

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronWebb could have squashed the rumor altogether and denied the breakup, but she did not. For that reason, I’m inclined to believe the split is legitimate.

So what could the tweet mean?

The report from Radar also said that Webb’s modeling gigs and television roles — like ABC’s “Splash” —  have forced her to travel a lot and strained her relationship with McCarron. She is said to have broken things off with AJ, not the other way around.

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Perhaps McCarron was the one who ended things, or maybe Webb’s busy schedule had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged split. Again, it would have been much easier for Webb to pull a Caroline Wozniacki and put the speculation to rest. She did not, which leads us to believe that the details of the breakup could be the issue.


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  • Emerson

    Either way things will be fine for both.

  • Barry Bond

    Both of them will ahve animals crawling all over them. For Webb she is hot but women like her are a dime a dozen and McCarron will end up attracting them a dozen at a time because his future is much much more preditable and lucrative – Webb while hot is just another refried bean in the pot these days

  • Maverick99

    Webb has always been classy in spite of the pressure of her sudden fame. Most of us will never fathom the strain that celebrity puts on relationships. It’s easier to understand how celebrity relationships end than how they can endure with such busy schedules that keeps them apart.

  • wallab06

    She probably met some dude who has some money already so she decided to go with what was in the hand and not wait for something that might not materialize? She has got what she wanted from this dude at Bama and now is looking to her future. He probably thought he had that lil’ package all wrapped up, but she said, no way, I have a open package and the best bidder wins! She’s cute, but I bet she is a load to handle! Too much maintenance!

  • JD450C

    Who’s f- – -ing business is it anyway? You mis-fits have a dead life if this is all you have to think about.

  • kalle629

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  • hew

    seriously folks…who cares

  • Max Steiner

    Honestly people does he look like the type that knows how to really eat a girl out? She needs a guy like me isnt afraid to get messy down there.

  • bamawinsagain

    she used him to get her 15 minutes and now she broke it off, sound right. Now let her 15 mins end, no one besides a 70 yr old man thought she was that hot anyway…