Kim Kardashian reportedly showed interest in Robert Griffin III

Kim Kardashian is known to be quite lecherous for a professional athlete or two. So, when we heard she was allegedly gauging her interest in a newly drafted Robert Griffin III, we could help but to roll our eyes.

It happened during a live taping of the show “30 Rock” in April. Kardashian was set to have a guest appearance. Griffin, drafted by the Redskins down the street at Radio City hours prior, stopped by the studio to watch the taping. That’s when Kardashian saw this sharply dressed, athletically fit man about to be entrenched in dollar signs. And given how the Kardashians practically use SportsCenter as a dating service, Kim couldn’t help but to inquire about this man they call RG3.

One of the show’s executive producers, Jack Burditt, was recently a guest on “The Rich Eisen Podcast,” and he explained what happened.

“She sat next to me while we were watching the show on the monitor and RG3 is a few seats down, and during the commercial break she starts asking me questions about him,” Burditt told Eisen. “Like, ‘Now he’s a football player, right?’ I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And [Kardashian asks] ‘And he just…something big happened, right?’ And I’m like, well yeah, he just was the No. 2 overall pick tonight. [Kardashian asks] ‘And what team?’ Washington. [Kardashian asks] ‘What’s Washington?’ Redskins. She goes, ‘I don’t know much about football, but, so what’s his deal?’ And I’m thinking, you stay away from him. This is a nice young man.”

Jeez, it almost sounds like this woman is trying to decide on a car. But while Kardashian wasn’t explicit with her motives, Burditt knew what going on in her prurient mind.

“She wasn’t quite sure who he was,” he said. “But her inner alarm was going off.”

Kim, mind you, at the time had recently started dating Kanye West, and RG3 and his girlfriend, Rebecca Liddicoat, were engaged. So, for both their sakes (especially RG3’s) and the rest of human kind’s, we’re glad nothing happened.

Photo: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

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  • Anonymous

    Kim K will find a way to put out for Griffin, but he’ll cringe at the LOOSE feeling, and then avoid her. It’ll take a vanilla guy to satisfy her anyway.  

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    If an athlete is rich and famous, Kim K will be interested. Her radar is strong for that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QQU4VKKCBL4NQG65JKFUCB7WJU Don

    Rob is too smart and too classy of a young man to hook up with the likes of Kim Kardashian (although I understand the temptation).  Besides, his fiancee is beautiful and seems to have a great head on her shoulders as well–a great pick for a life partner.  I wish I had chosen this wisely

  • Terrell Peterson

    he’s not goin holla back at Kim HIV infested pussy, you know how many dudes she fucked without a condom, he is too smart for that, plus his girlfriend is a real woman, not a transsexual with ass implants, so he’s not even goin pay attention to her

  • Terrell Peterson

    he’s not goin to even pay attention to her, that bitch got HIV, u know how many dudes she fucked without a rubber, plus his girlfriend is a real woman, not a transsexual with ass implants