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Friday, June 22, 2018

Noah Lowry’s not a fan of the Myspace

When I say Noah Lowry I’m pretty sure not much comes to your mind unless you’re a pretty hard-core Giants fan. Howeva, from now on, when I say Noah Lowry, you will immediately think: Myspace. The San Francisco Chronicle tells of a Noah Lowry myspace imposter that got Lowry in some hot water:

Lowry learned from a reporter there was a blog on MySpace, purportedly written by Lowry, entitled “All Loyalty Gone,” that ripped Jason Schmidt as a traitor for leaving the Giants to sign a three-year, $47 million contract with the rival Dodgers. The author created a Lowry profile and blog with so much “inside information” about Lowry’s life and the Giants’ clubhouse, including photographs, even Lowry’s friends were fooled. Some sent him greetings through the site.

Lowry and random woman, courtesy sacmag

For all of YOU myspace stalkers out there, I know it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not a myspace page is real. But how close of friends can you be to the guy if you’re getting fooled? I digress.

I was able to dig up the “purported” blog entry, courtesy of the McCovey Chronicles in case you want to read what had so many people fooled.

Poor Noah Lowry. Dude was probably just trying to enjoy a peaceful off-season only to get bombarded by reporters asking about his threats to Jason Schmidt. Lowry probably had to make a lot of phone calls to clear things up. Besides, who would even think of impersonating an athlete on the internet anyways?

By the way Noah, I think you might want to update your marital status in your bio — there’s this 17 year old claiming to be your wife.


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