Queen Princess Love deletes Instagram, accuses Floyd of lying

Princess also posted these text messages Floyd supposedly sent her on Oct. 2 and 3. Recall that Media Take Out posted their story about Princess and Ray J on Oct. 2.

Queen Princess Love Instagram Floyd

So I guess that’s Princess trying to tell everyone that Floyd pushed her away, which could explain why she turned to Ray J. I think she’s also trying to prove that Floyd was the source of the leak about the Ray J story, insinuating that Floyd is doing it as revenge for her not talking to him. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what Princess is trying to say, but I’m trying my best to interpret it.

Then in the final exchange she posted, Floyd tells Princess he doesn’t love her. You can see that on Page 3 of the story.

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  • jchristopher

    Floyd wasn’t saying he doesn’t love her. He was asking a rhetorical question, “I ensure you live comfortable. (Statement) I support you. (Statement) and I don’t love you? (Question)”

    She doubts his love for her, he gives his reason that shows he does by providing for her and says you still question my love for you?

  • creolequeen

    Is Floyd paying you to bash this young lady?

  • JessieBradshaw

    If you lay down with dogs, you come up with fleas. Not sure I believe
    everything 50 & Floyd are saying because they are both huge drama
    queens but she should have known better. Floyd uses these women & his money to make
    all women look like whores. Birds of a feather flock together so he’s
    a bigger whore of them all if you ask me.

  • jeanette williams

    How did she rob him by keeping the gifts he

    How is it she robbed him because she kept the expensive gifts he gave her? Oh that that’s right, the other ladies sign contracts to return his gifts once he done with them!

  • dank6947 .

    it is OBVIOUS he was not saying he did not love her maybe NOT as much as MS Jackson…. i love you FLOYD