Queen Princess Love vents on Instagram about people bringing her down

Princess Love vented on her Instagram account Thursday about people bringing her down, likely as a response to our report published on Wednesday.

If you missed it, Larry Brown Sports reported that Princess, who was Floyd Mayweather’s No. 1 side girlfriend, set him up to be robbed the night of his fight with Canelo Alvarez. While investigating the robbery, Mayweather learned about Princess Love’s affair with Ray J. Mayweather later seemed to blast Princess and call her trash in a message he wrote on his Instagram.

Well Princess seemed to share some thoughts when she wrote this note on Instagram Thursday:

Queen Princess Love Instagram

“It’s amazing to me the lengths people will go to bring you down when all you want to do is be happy …” Princess wrote.

She even challenged LBS directly in response to someone’s comment.

“Stop believing what you read. Consider who is putting all of this out there…” she wrote in response to someone who mentioned our report in the comments on her note.

So Princess Love, a former stripper who became a side girlfriend for Mayweather despite his engagement to another woman, and who was living in a suite at the MGM so he could keep their relationship silent, and who cheated on him with Ray J, and who taunted Miss Jackson on Instagram (#limitededition), and who set Floyd up to be robbed, blames us for bringing her down. OKKKKKkaaaayyy then. Alright Princess, you tell us the real story. We already know how Floyd and 50 Cent feel about you. So you tell us your side and we’ll be happy to listen.

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  • Bii

    Yeah, what a princess. Whore stripper who is chasing dollar signs and she is news worthy?

  • ghostofbiggie

    i believe it people watch you come up and see you get with a wealthy man like floyd and the green eyed monster comes out and they say anything and every thing set u up anything to mess your good situation up and the bad thing about society is that people believe anything you tell them so unfortunately some one is out to get her i actually feel bad for her


    i BELIEVE floyd is just butthurt because he thought he had control over his “stable” and he really didn’t…lol…he KNOWS these females are only with him for the money and exposure so they can find a better suitor who will ACTUALLY have feelings for them…seriously tho floyd has control issues, i mean he beat the baby mama up already so you know it’s in him, he lost his “control” and now he’s acting out doing whatever he can to SLANDER her name, i mean he has the means and the motive…lol..