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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Miles Austin Beware: Reggie May Want His Girl Back

At least that’s what TMZ’s sources are saying. Supposedly Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian got into a drunken argument at Saints teammate Bobby McCray’s wedding.  The bride, Khadijaq Haqq, is a friend of Kim’s.  How hilarious is this if it’s true?  And if you’re Kim’s new boyfriend Miles Austin, would this piss you off at all?  Here’s how the exchange went down, according to TMZ via Ted Williams Head:

We’re told Reggie started chatting up Kim about working things out and getting back together — totally understandable, by the way, considering how Kim looked that night (above). But you know how wedding receptions go — lots of booze.

Sources tell us the convo got more and more heated and Reggie got more and more “aggressive due to drunkenness.” We’re told it never got physical, but eventually bodyguards stepped in to “pull Reggie away from Kim.”

At about 1:00AM the bodyguards got a cab for Reggie and one for Kim and sent them home.

Getting drunk and telling your ex-girlfriend you want her back when you’re an NFL superstar — classic.  Are we sure this wasn’t the junior prom?  I’m sure Bobby McCray appreciates the two causing a scene on his special day.  If I were Miles Austin, I’d do my best to keep the two separated.  Or, better yet, get out while you can.

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Kim Kardashian Drunken Fight With Reggie Bush At Saints Teammate’s Wedding [Ted Williams Head]

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