Rory McIlroy reportedly broke up with Caroline Wozniacki over the phone

Rory McIlroy Caroline WozniackiRory McIlroy made an abrupt decision to end his relationship with Caroline Wozniacki last week. He has implied that the calling off of their engagement was mutual, but it sure doesn’t seem that way. In fact, one report claims Wozniacki thought McIlroy was joking when he told her he wanted to end things.

According to Neil Harman of The Times in London, Wozniacki was still searching for answers about the sudden breakup after her loss at the French Open.

“The last time he called, less than a day after telling her how much he loved her, it was a three-minute conversation she thought was a joke,” Harman wrote, according to For the Win.

If that was indeed the last time McIlroy called Wozniacki, that would imply that the 25-year-old golfer broke up with his fiancee over the phone. Christopher Clarey of The New York Times heard a similar story.

McIlroy’s decision to dump Wozniacki came just a few days after their wedding invitations were sent out. I suppose that’s better than leaving her at the alter, but you would think he could wait until they got together to have “the talk” in person.

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It probably stings Wozniacki even more that McIlroy went on to win a tournament just days after breaking up with her.

Kids will be kids?

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  • Tim Clark

    Rory = legend
    Wozniacki = cuckold

  • RadicalRighty

    Rory = 6 PGA wins
    Woznizcki = 21 WTA wins

  • Tim Clark

    Career Earnings:
    Rory = $29.6 million
    Wozniacki = $15.5 million

  • tom111869

    over the phone, over twitter, in-person, does it really matter? no.

  • Rich

    Hey maybe Rory IS going to be as good as Tiger – he’s already got a great head start in the no class department!

  • Rich

    Cuckold? Really? An interesting charge and maybe you know this to be true and maybe not. Regardless, it’s a curious term/observation and not one you usually see in a post like this. Unless you are THE Tim Clark?

  • JOEL714

    Typical behavior of the little twerp. He is a spineless little piece of human waste.. A man would at least do this in person with some dignity and caring. Lying about a “toothache” when he’s playing lousy and and now this sort of behavior makes me want to never pay to see him and certainly boycott any sponsor of his.

  • soulmate9

    Caroline- class act
    Rory- piece of shi!

  • soulmate9

    What a coward and douchebag!