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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Shantel Jackson was ringside for the Floyd Mayweather fight

Shantel Jackson Floyd Mayweather

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. may no longer be engaged, but they still are close enough to the point that Miss Jackson attended her (ex?) boo’s big bout with Canelo Alvarez last weekend.

Jackson was sitting ringside for Mayweather’s fight at the MGM and noted on her Instagram account that she would “never miss a #fightnight.” Just saying that she never would miss a fight night implies that her relationship with Floyd is on the rocks, but she still attended anyway.

I didn’t happen to spot Miss Jackson in the crowd, but someone did and took this screenshot of her:

Shantel Jackson Canelo Alvarez

Shantel seemed to be seated in the front row, just behind Floyd’s corner. She and Floyd must still be on a fairly good basis for her to get those primo seats to the fight, but that still doesn’t change that they have been experiencing problems.

We wrote about the rumors in August that they may have broken up. Jackson also posted this tweet on Aug. 29 that seems to hint at the root of a potential problem with Floyd:

The day after Shantel sent that tweet, we noted that Mayweather might have a new girlfriend from “The Money Team.” That girl, who goes by Queen Princess Love on Instagram, was decked out for the fight and also attended:

Queen Princess Love Floyd Mayweather

As we have noted before, Floyd has many women in his life and expects them all to recognize and understand that. That might be one of Miss Jackson’s issues with Floyd.

Photo: Instagram/Miss Jackson 1; Twitter/Reyes427; Instagram/QueenPrincessLove 1

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