Siohvaughn Funches: Dwyane Wade owes me money

Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade

Siohvaughn Funches made a public demonstration in the streets of Chicago on Friday to bring attention to her financial struggle with ex-husband Dwyane Wade, who she claims owes her large amounts of money.

Funches sat down outside the Daley Center in Chicago holding a sign that said “NBA Miami Heat Star Mother of His Children On the Streets.” Funches told 89 WLS in Chicago that she is on the streets because her ex-husband owes her money and will not pay unless she agrees to a gag order (audio of the interview here).

“This is the issue: he owes me quite a large sum of money,” Funches told the 89 WLS Sports Pregame Show. “There was an order in place that he would have to give me money. That order also called for the endorsement companies — Gatorade, Staples, T-Mobile, all of the endorsement companies that he has — to make a direct deposit into an agreed upon account. He hasn’t complied with that order, and neither have those endorsement companies made a direct deposit. That went on for years, so I took care of myself and our two children purely living off of savings. The savings dwindled down. I was advised by my lawyer to find a bankruptcy attorney.”

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This claim from Funches isn’t exactly new; The Chicago Tribune recently reported that she was suing Wade for over $1 million over his endorsement money, though she supposedly dropped the suit.

Not only does Funches say she was advised to look into bankruptcy, but she also claims to be poor.

“I went into the court room and I asked the judge, ‘please, let’s just settle this matter. Because if I’m destitute, I can’t be a mother.”

Funches says the money she has received from Wade is not enough to live off of.

“For several years in a row, I got nothing. Nothing at all. There was a judge who gave me enough to pay my tuition, so in theory, I got $10,000 one time for example. But then I had to go pay my tuition off. So what did I have after that? I still owed a couple grand.”

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Though Funches wants money from her ex-husband, she is conflicted; she says she wants the money but does not want to sign away her right to speak.

“I’m out on the streets right now because we can’t reach any sort of agreement. I asked the judge: I don’t want any money, I don’t want anything from Mr. Wade. All I want is my freedom and my voice. Dwyane Wade is saying he will not give me the money that he is court-ordered to pay me and owes me, unless I agree to not say what happened to me or the children. I have to in other words be gagged.

“I can’t say what happened with the judge because I won’t be able to talk about my life and what I’ve been through unless I want to owe more than just live in poverty. You keep your voice, but you’re going to be in poverty. If you want any money to get out of this debt and the hole I buried you in, then you’re never going to be able to speak about the truth and what happened.

“I told them very clearly: my voice is not for sale. Like Tina Turner did, all she wanted was her name. I told the judge all I want is my freedom and my voice. I want Mr. Wade to leave me alone, he can keep his money.”

The whole thing is maddening. What story does Funches have to tell? She’s talking right now and not really saying anything. She just sounds like a raving lunatic. If she really is so hard up for cash, why not just agree to a gag order? Based on how crazy she sounds, a gag order would probably in her best interest.

UPDATE: Funches and Wade reached a financial agreement.

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  • nitrodrip

    I do not see why the media give her a platform to speak. She obviously have issues and is just looking for cash.

  • Jimmy Rustle

    LOL @ these self entitled whores.

    Why does Wade “owe” her any money? She didn’t earn it, so she should just GTFO, stop crying and fist herself already.

    It’s not like she had a career before this anyway, so she has absolutely no stake in Wade’s money, at all.

    I hope she contracts HIV, syphilis, malaria, shingles, genital herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV and bacterial vaginosis. Good for nothing cum dumpster.

  • italia58

    The more I read about this crazy stuff the madder I get. Why does she need to shut up? That’s crazy in itself. To be silenced about abuse is not healthy. Any therapist will tell you that. And for all of you all that are advocating her to be silent are as abusive as Mr. Wade is being. That woman has a right to tell her story and have a voice. What she needs to do is hire good attorneys. There is no reason she should be on the streets. A good lawyer would have Mr.Wade in check and she would have her kids back. Right now SioVaughnn is not thinking straight and is probably mad as hell still. Somebody please help this woman. Why doesn’t he just pay her? Why is it so important to him that she not talk? Because it is hurting Gabrielle’s career as Gabrielle complained? He cares more about the woman he used to destroy his marriage with than the Mother of his kids? I mean! SioVaughnn hire a good attorney and stop this ridiculousness. You deserve whatever you are entitled to and stop saying you don’t want his money. You don’t want what you are not entitled to but whatever you are entitled to get it and move the hell on. God’s blessings are waiting for you. Take care of business. Get your kids back and move on from this immature man. If he went through pain with his own Mother as he’s given countless interviews about, then he wouldn’t dare or couldn’t see you in this predicament. He is a cold hearted person to put you through this type of madness. He knows exactly what he is doing and is not man enough to step to his own consciousness. Take the emotion out of this like he is doing and hire some attorneys girlfriend. Let them do your talking. Men like that understand one thing. Their pocketbooks. That is what this is all about. Better bet it.

  • italia58

    You guys are really so very foul. Really? Are you really talking about a black woman like this? Really? The mother of his children? The woman who stuck with him through thick and thin when he had NOTHING. Really? I work in the legal field and I am telling you, Dwayne Wade would be seriously dealt with. Seriously. Siovaughnn needs to hire some good attorneys and see what you all would say then. I am really rooting for her and if I could find out how to get in touch with her, believe me when I tell you. Mr. Wade would be very afraid. Very afraid. And when she wins on his behind I wonder what you all would have to say then. You all are a disgusting lot of trash. She doesn’t deserve this and you know it.

  • johng_3

    LOL you actually believe her. This women is an actually crackhead who has had drug problems. That is the reason DWade has custody of the children. If you can’t support yourself, GET A JOB!! DWade is now taking care of the kids, now she just trying to mooch as much as you can.

  • johng_3

    She is entitled to what the court awarded her and nothing more. If she
    were smart, she’d use part of that $25,000 a month support to educate
    herself so she can keep the lifestyle she wants after the spousal
    support quits. Because she is noncustodial, she should be paying him
    child support. If she chooses not to put herself into a better life
    situation, she needs to downsize to what she can handle after the
    support check stops. If he’s in contempt of court, he needs to make
    that right, but her behaving like this does not help her cause.

  • Nmc1496

    Uhhh–I can see that this article was written by a man. She SHOULD have the right to say anything (that is not slander) about him that she wants to—NONE of these women should “have” to have a gag order to get CHILD SUPPORT. Alimony is a questionable thing to me -and should be case by case. If they were childhood sweethearts (and I think that these two were?) – then she deserves alimony, too. If it is the case of a rich man marrying somebody that he doesn’t know because of their beauty (and married for a short time), then no alimony. Last I checked, it is America and you have the right to say what you want as long as it isn’t slander….If these men don’t want bad things said about them —simple! Don’t do bad things to your wife and children.

  • Nmc1496

    Sadly, it has happened to a lot of these REAL basketball wives….and several of them are on the Miami roster. There must be a shady judge down there who can be bought off.

    For the obvious men on these comments – she is different than the women that you see on “basketball wives, etc” -First of all, she was ACTUALLY a wife!

    Just because these guys have good images and can play ball – it doesn’t make them good people. However, there are a lot of good guys out there.

    He put a ring on her finger and had kids with her – -he should have remembered that when he decided to treat her like an ex-girlfriend.

  • Nmc1496

    You’re disgusting. He married her – and if she was so bad, then that was on him. I have a feeling that she only became a “bad” person when he wanted to move on….hmmm. That would be reality. And you should ask your Mom or sister or wife or daughter what they think about your last line. Disgusting.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Dear Siovaughn, Get yourself together and call Juanita Jordan and ask for her attorney’s telephone number. I pray your kids do not read nor see your video and resent their father. Get it together and get what is owed to you. We do not know the entire story, we all are speculating because the media only provides us with pieces of information. If this is true that D-Wade owes you money and not doing his part per court order, his day will come. There are 3 sides to this story, your side, D-Wade side and the truth. We do not know what the truth is. You were in Miami resently with your boys…get it together girlfriend!


    Get a JOB

  • Matt

    Well you’re misinformed. The only child support on the table is what SHE SHOULD BE PAYING WADE.. WADE HAS FULL CUSTODY!! So everyone acting like she’s being truthful or deserves something is wrong. He’s paid her lots and lots of money, a modicum of research will show that.

  • avagrace1

    She’s already had 12 attorneys. How many more does she need?

  • R. Williams

    Please, you people need to read more. This woman got $1M, and 25K/Month in spousal support, and 10K/Month in travel expenses. She does not have custody of her children because she’s a nut job. She was arrested for kidnapping her kids last year after the father was awarded full custody, and she wouldn’t give the kids to his sister so they could make the flight to FL for fathers day. She was also charged with resisting arrest for trying to run back behind the gates of her house when they caught her for kidnapping. This woman is nucking futs.

  • R. Williams

    You should really read more. This “woman” got $1M in the divorce settlement, along with $25K per month spousal support, and $10K per month for travel and expenses. Wade also pays the mortgage on the house she claims she doesn’t have, and her FOUR CARS.
    She doesn’t have custody because the judge and child care worker viewed her as a detriment to the kids development and relationship with their father.
    She was arrested last year for kidnapping when she wouldn’t give the kids to Wades sister so they could catch a flight back to FL for Fathers day. She was also charged with resisting arrest when she tried run back behind the GATES of the house she says she doesn’t have, when they caught her for kidnapping.
    This woman is clearly mentally ill, and needs help.
    And you should get your facts straight instead of just assuming this woman is a victim.

  • italia58

    Then do your damn research and shut the hell up.

  • italia58

    The charges were dropped. So whose the nut case here.

  • R. Williams

    That’s all you could come up with? “The charges were dropped?” LOL.

    You really don’t read at all do you? Wade chose not to press charges against his ex. He could have had her locked up, but chose not to have the mother of his children incarcerated.

    You can try and make excuses for her all you want, but even the guardian ad lightem wanted to have her mentally evaluated.

    I noticed you completely skipped over all the money she gets. I’m pretty sure you’d be happy with $1M cash, $35K per month, having your mortgage paid, and four cars, wouldn’t you? Yet her she is screaming about having nothing and being homeless.

    She truly needs mental therapy.

    Try not to transfer your own experiences with the deadbeat guy you got with, that you KNEW was no good when you got with him. Just hope you don’t have more than 2 kids by 2 different men, and you MIGHT be able to find a good guy if you change your attitude.

    Good Luck.

  • Richard

    You can find her on the streets of Chicago. This woman needs to move on if I was the judge in family court she would never see those kids again until she got some mental treatment.

  • Richard

    Really you actually believe her. SHE IS A NUT CASE

  • Richard

    Oh stop your lying IDIOT

  • Richard

    Finally some one who is speaking the truth! THE WOMAN IS A NUT CASE and can’t let go

  • Richard

    Darn right! GET A JOB and MOVE ON

  • Richard

    Thank you people only believe what they choose to believe! Wade has given her enough money this is all about trying to make him look bad.

  • Richard

    Exactly she needs to move on with her life people grow apart sometimes and when it’s over it’s over. Take care of the kids and let him go..

  • Richard

    No she became a bad person when she started acting and looking like she needed mental intervention!