Stephon Marbury still hasn’t paid his former mistress her settlement money

Stephon-Marbury-Chinese-Fans-Better-Than-Knicks-FansStephon Marbury still has not paid his former mistress the remaining money he owes her from their hush money agreement, TMZ reports.

Marbury agreed to pay his former mistress/chef $900,000 to keep quiet about their 2006 affair. Marbury paid the woman $600,000 of the $900,000 agreed upon but, for some reason, decided to stop paying two-thirds of the way home. Maybe he figured by then that he was no longer a high-profile NBA player with a need to cover up matters.

The woman, Thurayyah Mitchell, took Marbury to court for the remainder of the money. A judge ruled in her favor and ordered Marbury to pay Mitchell the remaining $331,584.50 he owes her.

According to TMZ, new court documents state that Marbury still has not paid the money.

The documents also reportedly state that Mitchell wants Marbury to give her his Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover in addition to liquidating some other assets so he can pony up the dough. Another hearing has reportedly been set for June 17.

Imagine giving up nearly $1 million, whether it be in cash or cars, to keep a secret that was never kept anyway? Wait a second, imagine a judge ordering you to pay hush money after cheating on your wife? That’s a real thing? What a world we live in…

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  • nitrodrip

    This is insane. It like the woman is a child and she is aware he is married and have a family. What is her responsibility?

  • bill

    Why do you stupid ass women trust these pos? Is money your motive or
    just plain ignorance? Oh, just another baby mama for this uppity fuckin loser.

  • bill

    It’s a fact… blacks breed worse than mice but at least mice take care of their offspring. Oh i am sorry…. they offspring.

  • vern vern

    She should have to pay for knowingly messing with a married man.
    Evidently it wasn’t hushed if the affair is all over the news.

  • vern vern

    You sound real stupid!

  • wayjohn

    I cant believe a Judge would order you to pay what amounts to extortion