Report: Terrell Owens’ wife Rachel Snider wants divorce, thinks he used her for money

Terrell-Owens-girlfriend-Rachel-SniderBefore the general public even realized Terrell Owens had a new girlfriend, he and the young lady were already married. Owens married Rachel Snider, a postal worker from Texas, last month in a secret ceremony that took place in a California courthouse. The wedding took place on Jan. 23, and Snider reportedly already wants a divorce.

According to TMZ, Snider has left TO and is planning to file a divorce. Why? She thinks he married her for money.

“I felt in love … and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken,” Snider reportedly told TMZ.

Snider claims Owens used her so he could get a $2 million loan for a home in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Owens has had some serious financial problems over the past two years and almost faced jail time for missing child support payments, so it would make sense that he would be unable to obtain that type of loan on his own.

Here we were thinking TO had finally grown up and gotten himself into a low-profile relationship for all the right reasons. This kind of puts a damper on that. At least they didn’t spend all kinds of money on a big fancy wedding.

Photo via Twitter/Rachel Snider

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  • Sylvia Richardson

    I don’t quite understand how Rachel Snider would have been instrumental in TO obtaining a $2,000,000 mortgage, considering that she is a postal worker earning a postal worker’s salary. Unless she has money, investments, property, or holdings that she would have put up for him to use as collateral for the bank or other financial institution that approved the loan, I question the validity of her claim that TO used her for money.

  • Wolf

    Its pretty obvious she is a stupid cow! She should just thank her lucky stars that he didn’t knick her stupid ass up or beat her bloody!