Tiger Woods reportedly spent weekend scoping chicks in Las Vegas

Big news for Tiger Woods fans — the golfer may be getting some of his swag back. The New York Post reports that Tige spent last weekend hanging out with his buddies in Las Vegas, scoping out chicks.

From the Post:

The fallen golf great was surveying bikini-clad girls at the Liquid Pool at Aria Resort and Casino on Saturday. Woods made a low-key entrance through the back door and relaxed in a cabana with a few male friends and “good-looking girls,” said witnesses. Soon a group of women began fighting to get his attention. One source said, “There was a frenzy . . . many girls were trying to get up to his cabana, but were unsuccessful.” Woods, coming off his worst performance ever at the Masters, “seemed to be more interested in the people he was with.”

Tiger seemed more interested in the people he was with than the hot chicks swarming around his cabana? Yeah, and Kobe’s more interested in finishing in second place. We all know that can’t be true.

I don’t care how much sex rehab he went to, there’s no way Tiger’s no longer interested in tail. That dude was probably digging into the black book and dialing up all his old phone numbers over the weekend. His fans better hope that’s the case if they want him to return to his old form. It’s the 3am sessions the night before a championship round that he’s missing.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001394516405 Sade Ortega

    Yea!! I Guess now We all Know the real  reason He Was Nicknamed “Tiger”..

    There is nothing wrong with Having Sexual Prowess. The Trick is some discipline and Not getting Married too young or not being Married at all.

    Hunting for Women is what Men are supposed to do cause if they don’t the Human Race will cease to exist. Some men just have a little too much extra testosterone so we really can’t judge them too harshly.

    It’s a good thing he did not add alcohol to it or He really would have gotten in a Big, Big mess. At least he has a real good Shot at 24 Majors for now.

    Go “Tiger”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RFP3QI2HL2VF4ANTDJHISCCVRI Anaximenes

    tiger has scored with more hot chicks than wilt chamberlain!  He can still bring his A game.

  • fhlh0172

    Tiger will win more Majors then Jack.