Vanessa Bryant calls off divorce from Kobe

Vanessa Bryant has called off her divorce from Kobe a little over a year after initiating the process.

Vanessa initiated the divorce in Dec. 2011, but she announced on her new Instagram account Friday that the two have reconciled and that they are no longer divorcing.

“We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled,” she wrote on Instagram on behalf of her and Kobe. “Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking forward to our future together.”

Kobe was working hard to try to preserve the marriage after Vanessa initiated the divorce. Not only did he sign the couple’s three mansions over to her (Vanessa recently sold one for $3.22 million), but he also continued trying to be a good family man.

The two were spotted kissing on Valentine’s Day, and they attended a Los Angeles Kings playoff game together with their children a few months later.

It was reported in June that they were working on an official reconciliation. Several months later, that has come through.

Here’s Vanessa’s Instagram posting on the matter:

vanessa bryant instagram

TMZ speculates that Kobe may have signed a post-nuptial agreement giving Vanessa more financial power in the relationship.

Kobe and Vanessa have been married since April 2001. Kobe was 21 when he met Vanessa, then 17, as she was filming a music video as a backup dancer in Nov. 1999. They became engaged six months later and have now been married for nearly 12 years.

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  • Snake_jr

    She was only in it for the money from the very start anywyay

  • elel210

    Funny how some more diamonds and money will change things. Professional gold-digger.

  • Sylvia Richardson

    Wonderful news! It’s so great to see a couple work hard on their marriage to overcome the difficulties they experienced, determined to keep their family together. Too often, couples rush to divorce court without really trying to resolve their differences. Kobe and Vanessa have two beautiful girls that will hopefully grow up with parents still united, living under one roof, who will guide them through the various stages of their lives with love for their daughters and each other!

  • akimofro

    It’s amazing what 3 mansions and a larger checkbook will do! Love is beautiful! (Luv for money that is…)

  • John Fioretti

    All she needs to do is keep that golden triangle she sits on in shape, crap out a few more kids and then she’ll have an open checkbook the rest of her life, even with Kobe’s few indiscretions.  Isn’t true love just grand?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorraine.armata Lorraine Armata

    Isn’t it a shame that people judge others by their standards and not the reality of a situation….Why is it you cannot accept that Kobe and Vanessa really love one another and their life was smattered with adversity….which their love has overcome?  Many of you sound angry over their reconciliation rather than happy they honored their committment of their marriage vows.  I am happy for them and wish they continue to grow in their love for one another.

  • akimofro

    Ok, sure…

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.mcgauley.9 Steven Mcgauley

    Remember they were still only kids when they decided to get married. Sometimes you have to develope as a man on your on. Kobe hasn’t made the best decisions as a young man, but he took a page from an old players book… “It’s cheaper to keep her”.

  • Vg101

    Why is everyone quick to judge Her…we don’t know what there home life consisted of…she could have been on a tight leash. Remember, she is only wealthy through him, so he more than likele controlled the money. Although she lives lavishly, she may not have lived freely.