Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne Now Possibly Engaged?

Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne

I told you before about Venus Williams and Hank Kuehne getting pretty close to each other and being photographed together at Wimbledon. Well, the cushy couple are now reportedly set to get married. It’s being said that boyfriend Hank has popped the question:

Venus Williams will soon be planning her wedding now that beau Hank Kuehne has popped the question.

The news of the engagement comes after a year of courtship.

A source close to the star tells MediaTakeOut.com, that the couple are trying to stay away from the spotlight especially as Williams is preparing for the Australian Open.

Venus is preparing for (the Australian Open) and she doesn’t need the (media) distraction, Contactmusic quoted the source, as saying.

Best of luck to the pair and hopefully the marriage works out. Hopefully Venus can find a way to balance her tennis career with a new love life and family, just as she was able to balance out going to college with tennis. Congrats to Venus and Hank if the rumors of the marriage are true. Now, who will be lucky enough to marry Venus’ bootylicious sister, Serena?

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  • claudi

    he wouldnt date her in the real world, its only because she has money. He is using her and she fell for it.

  • Lydia Y. Lindquist


  • Ashleigh

    I don’t care if she’s black & he’s white at all, but I do care that she is a grounded level headed super star being with an alcoholic golf wanna be… He’s a loser!

    He has NEVER won a PGA tournament, and he’s just with Venus for her star power & money, and I hate that for her!! She could do SO much better! She’ll have to deal with his ex-wife, his kids with other women, his total lack of any kind of success as a golfer–yes, as a PGA Pro, he of course makes some money just for showing up! So in his decade or so as a Pro, he’s made a couple of million — half of which goes to his wife and kids and booze binges, and part of it to any manager he might have, plus the PGA union dues—-there’s not much left over, so he lives pretty much off of Venus, and I think she could do so much better…

    This is not racism, or about interracial relationships, this is about a train-wreck of an alcoholic messing with a clean Jehovah’s Witness (they don’t drink)… Move on Venus or you’ll regret it, and will be a divorce statistic otherwise…

  • http://,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LAURENT MBAMI

    Pls excuse me for my english because I’m a franco-
    phone speeking ,so I’m realy surprise when I read this message concerning my loving VENUS with her future divorced husband HENRY
    I wanna asked a small for my shinning Star is you well before you took any decision about this wedding news how can a dippest JEHOVAH Witness will trun herself in mouth of lion who’ll rescusse you in the difficult moment , no matter you so him as a gentleman but my daer sister you have think again about him and your future life , pls if read my message give a reply by my e-mail

  • Nicole Hatchett

    First off I am tired of everyone being in everybody’s bussiness. Leave that women alone. I f she chooses to date a alcohlic then let her. This is her life and she will have to deal with whatever not us! I am sure we have all did something our friends and family tried to talk us out of but did it anyway. Venus best of luck and if it doesn’t work out so what! You live and learn, then on to the next one…