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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Boston Bruins Fan Kelly Park Pranks Montreal Canadiens Fan Boss (Video)

The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are bitter rivals and possibly the biggest rivalry in the NHL. The rivalry is so bad that broadcasters take it out on the fans. Worse yet, it causes players to flip off the fans. It’s bad. The good news is the Bruins won the series in seven to keep my playoff beard alive. Another benefit to the win is that at least one Bruins fan was able to prank his boss because of the series.

Kevin Park is a web developer for a clothing company and his boss is a Canadiens fan. After the Bruins won the series, he decided to prank his boss by doing a little office redecoration. Check out the video via Puck Daddy:

The video’s title made it seem like Park was going to be fired over the prank but it sure seems like his boss took it well. Hey, at the worst, all he has to do is switch offices with Kelly, right? I mean why let all that beautiful work go to waste.

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