Boston Bruins rope off locker room logo to prepare for Justin Bieber concert


Justin Bieber created a stir last week when he visited the United Center and stood on the Chicago Blackhawks logo in the team’s locker room. Bieber is from Canada, so many hockey fans felt he should know that stepping on the team logo is bad luck and considered disrespectful. He insisted it was an innocent mistake.

On Saturday night, Biebs is performing at the TD Garden in Boston. Having learned from the situation in Chicago, the Boston Bruins decided to take no chances and rope off the logo in their locker room so Bieber knows not to walk on it.

Bruins — 1, Bieber — 0.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this turned out to be a hoax. The Bruins did not rope off their logo and Bieber did not go into their locker room. The photo above is a cropped version of a photo taken last year.

Photo via Barstool Sports

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  • Keith Selin

    It shouldn’t be necessary to rope off the logo there as Bieber won’t be taking photos of the Stanley Cup in that locker room.

  • Roma Jenco

    Alternatively, it’s just time for fan boys to grow the f**k up.

    Didn’t notice this much fuss when Hayden Panettiere licked the cup on a film set. But that’s okay coz it simulates sex,. right? T


  • dontcare4uatall

    LOL, like “The Biebs” would notice; THE ROPE IS TO TALL!

  • RomaIsAFool

    You’re a moron. Go back to you beiber you fruit

  • dan

    I can’t wait for his career to run its course.

  • Beric

    It pretty much has. The public is fed up.

  • pie

    or just don’t let the little douche in the locker room

  • Jesse Leiker

    Roma; you are correct. It is okay ‘coz’ it simulates sex.