This little fan has the Mikka Kiprusoff routine down perfectly

There is one young hockey fan who may be more dedicated than all. Check out this Calgary Flames fan doing his Mikka Kiprusoff routine mimicking the goaltender’s every move.

What some people may call “cute,” I’ll elect for the choice word of “creepy.” That’s about the only thing I can think of to describe this.

Yeah, stalker is definitely the word that comes to mind — at least much more so than fan. Wearing a jersey’s cool, staking out after a game for an autograph works for me, but getting decked out in full goaltender’s gear just to watch a game? That’s taking it a wee-bit far. Though I know the entire population of the Black Hole disagrees (not to mention a Packers fan, too).

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  • Jeff

    That is definitely one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. I can’t believe they even let the kid into the arena with all that gear on. I guess some kids play sports, and others just pretend they are playing sports. The upside is he probably has a great career ahead in life as a mime….he would be fantastic at the mime mirror thing.

  • Todd

    Actually, I did something like this as a kid, but not nearly to those extremes. As a big Cal Ripken fan, every time his batting stance changed, so did mine. So I have him to thank for my .247 lifetime Little League average.

  • SpinMax

    lets hope Kipper doesn’t get picked up for rape or assault or a dui

  • Brian

    I think you should layoff the poor kid. He’s just a dedicated fan who loves his teams. You’re just a loser with a sports blog. Get a life.

  • Jeff

    and Brian, you’re a loser with enough time to read the sports blog and post a comment. Sounds like you are the one who needs a life.

  • Man

    My goodness… How quickly people degenerate into a lucid state of stupidity… This is a child, imitating what is very clearly his idol. Just because you’re a uselss bag of skin who has to come back and check on his post on a sports blog to “1-up” a person that disagrees with the creppy portion of this article, doesn’t give you the right to contest someone elses opinon of an article that you didn’t write. Jeff, you truly are a contributing member of society aren’t you? If there is anyone on this board that needs to get a life, it’s you. I don’t see anyone else on here with multiple posts… You obviously checked back to see if anyone would comment on your witicism and insigh. Great comparison to a mime by the way… did you think of that all by yourself or did you need to look it up on the Internet? Here’s another thing, you can even think of it as a test of your typing skills. Old Adage (sorry if Adage is a word you don’t understand, perhaps you could look it up while you’re searching for the answer to the test) “Imitation is the sincerest form of _______”

    Get a life Jeff