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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

College goalie Frank Slubowski has Big Lebowski-themed mask (Picture)

Behold quite possibly the best goalie mask we’ve ever seen. What you see above is the mask for Western Michigan goalie Frank Slubowski, a sophomore goalie at Western Michigan. Slubowski led his school to the CCHA championship as a freshman, winning team MVP honors, but that’s not what matters to us. What matters to us is that his teammates call him “The Big Slubowski” as a reference to the amazing cult classic “The Big Lebowski,” and that he got his mask to reflect the movie.

The folks at Head Strong Grafx put an image of “The Dude” on the side of the mask. El Duderino is pictured wearing his shades which are reflecting the wondrous rug that tied the room together.

Below are two more looks at the mask. On the opposite side is an image of a tank, and on the back it says “Frank the Tank,” which we’re guessing is another one of Slubowski’s nicknames:

No word if Slubowski gets pumped up for games by playing Creedence in his deck, but we certainly love the mask. Well done, Slubowski.

Big stick tap to Puck Daddy
Photos via Head Strong Grafx/Twitter 1, 2, 3

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