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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Goalie lets in 200-foot game-losing goal while chatting with fans (Video)

Keegan-McHenryUtah State lost a hard-fought game against rival Denver University in club hockey on Friday night. The two teams played into overtime and Denver ended up scoring the game-winner with 15 seconds remaining in the extra period. The goal came from Robert Biedron, but Denver owes its victory to Utah State goalie Keegan McHenry.

For whatever reason, McHenry was not paying attention and did not realize that a face-off was about to happen at the other end of the ice. When Denver won said face-off, McHenry was out of his net and over near the glass chatting with fans. Biedron immediately noticed this and fired the puck 200 feet for a game-winning goal. McHenry took responsibility for his mistake by sending a tweet that he later deleted.

“I am ashamed and disgusted with myself,” the tweet read, according to Puck Daddy. “With what happened and how I acted. I let myself and more importantly, my team down.”

While it was one of the most incredible boneheaded mistakes you will ever see, it’s hard not to feel sorry for McHenry. He should have been paying attention with the game on the line, but that’s a play that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

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