Philly Fans Booed Cancer Video Because it Featured Rival Players

Philly fans lived up to their reputation as some of the harshest sports fans in the country Wednesday when they booed a fight cancer video because it featured rival players. The video was played between periods during the Flyers’ first home game of the season. Penguins star Sidney Crosby, Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews, and Sabres goalie Ryan Miller all appeared in the video. Here it is:

Philly fans notoriously booed Santa Claus and threw batteries at J.D. Drew. Even manager Terry Francona suggested it was a more difficult city to manage in than Boston. They’re getting grief for their actions, and I can understand why. Regardless, I won’t attack them for this.

Putting myself in their situation, if I were at Dodger Stadium and you flashed a picture of Barry Bonds on the scoreboard, my reaction would be to boo. It wouldn’t even matter if they said Bonds had just adopted 100 puppies — show Bonds, I’m booing.

Greg Wyshinski at Puck Daddy felt similarly, describing the actions of Flyers fans as a Pavlovian response. He made an even better point: if the goal is to have Flyers fans join the NHL in fighting cancer, why not show a PSA with Flyers players? If you’re trying to reach your audience, you have to appeal to them.

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  • Anonymous

    would you really boo Barry Bonds if he had adopted 100 puppies?!?!? He’s already paying the college fees for the fan who got beaten up at Dodgers stadium

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    No, I’d applaud that. My point was that if you showed Bonds on the scoreboard, my reaction would be to boo immediately without seeing what they were saying, that’s all.

  • Guest

    really did they boo  cancer i don’t think so what city are you from.National media loves to hammer Philly. you are clueless