Victor Espinoza donated his Belmont Stakes winnings to charity

Jockey Victor Espinoza will no doubt garner fame, recognition, and a lifetime of opportunities after guiding American Pharoah to the Triple Crown, but he is not necessarily seeing an immediate fortune. That’s because the jockey decided to donate his Belmont Stakes winnings to charity.

In an article for the Louisville Courier-Journal, Steve Myrick explains that American Pharoah trainer Bob Baffert and wife Jill donated $150,000 spread equally over three charities after winning the Belmont Stakes. Myrick reports that Espinoza did likewise.

“At the wire I was like, ‘I cannot believe I did it,'” Espinoza said, according to Myrick. “I (won) the Triple Crown race now, but I didn’t make any money, because I donated my money to the City of Hope.”

That’s a really nice gesture by all the involved parties. Of course, we hope Espinoza is also saving some money to pay for a fine from the FCC after his curse word was broadcast on air.

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