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Carl Edwards wins bet with brother for saying ‘coxswain’ and ‘nipples’ in press conference (Video)

When asked a question this week about driving at Martinsville Speedway, Carl Edwards suspiciously dropped the words “coxswain” and “nipples” during a rambling answer that barely made any sense. It was such a weird response that you would think he’d be changing his name to Metta World Peace afterward. But Edwards came clean in the end, admitting that saying “coxswain” and “nipples” was part of a bet with his brother. For those whose vocabulary isn’t up to par, a coxswain is somebody who navigates or steers a boat, and nipples are something Ben Stiller can milk.

Anyway, Edwards won $10 and is officially the most immature driver in NASCAR.

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Paris Hilton Nipple Slip

I’m not sure this qualifies as a nip slip — it’s more along the lines of a straight up Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. And let me just go on the record and say that I’m not a fan of that bikini style for the looks. But if it keeps producing results like the following, then I might become a bigger fan. Pics from Egotastic! (and yes, since the video came out, I realize these are almost pointless, but nonetheless fun), check it out:

Head over to Egotastic! to check out the NSFW versions. Disclaimer: I typically make a point to ignore all things Paris Hilton, but this is something I can make an exception for.

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Bunny Shop VD sweeps 2007

Lindsay Lohan Nipple Shot!

I realize this is almost like cheating for a sports site, by damn, I just can’t help it. Being such a big fan of Mean Girls — yes, I’m unashamed to admit that it’s one of my favorite movies — pretty much sticking Lohan, McAdams, and Chabert together on screen for 90 minutes makes you an instant winner in my book. So yeah, getting to the point, I came across a couple of Lindsay Lohan nipple shots on the ‘net today, and felt — as is guy code — the need to share. So, I present to you, some fresh NSFW Lindsay Lohan nipple shots after the jump, courtesy of dlisted.

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Paris Hilton Nipple Slip
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Bunny Shop VD sweeps 2007
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Danica Patrick nip slip accidentally posted on SI Swimsuit website (NSFW)


Sports Illustrated gave everyone quite the show last week when the website’s Swim Daily division accidentally — or so they claim — posted a revealing photo of Danica Patrick. The photo was a selfie that Danica had taken back in 2008 when she was shooting for the SI Swimsuit Issue. It was posted for “Throwback Thursday,” and it showed everyone her nipple.

An uncensored version of the photo, which is obviously NSFW, can be seen after the jump.

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Nick Mangold gets his chest waxed on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Tuesday night on the “Jimmy Fallon Show,” Jimmy decided to play a trivia game called “Wax On, Wax Off” during which you get $100 right for every correct answer you give and a portion of your chest hair waxed off for every incorrect answer. The lucky contestant was Jets offensive lineman Nick Mangold. The categories included such simple topics as “Lithuian Prime Ministers” and “Advanced Particle Physics.” If Nick is some sort of closet genius, he may have had a shot at keeping some of his chest hair. Unfortunately, a random audience member was chosen to answer the questions for him. The results looked painful. If you’ve always wanted to see a 300-pound man get their nipple waxed, be sure to watch Part 2 as well.

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