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ABC7 in LA pranked by ‘Louis Slungpue’ during UCLA flood coverage (Video)

KABC in Los Angeles must have some pretty stupid people working at the station, because they let a prank caller by the name of “Louis Slungpue” on the air during their live coverage of the UCLA flood, and they didn’t even realize they had screwed up until the caller said the cause of the flood was someone taking a large dump. Seriously.

Don’t ask me how someone posing as “Louis Slungpoo” didn’t set off any alarms among the call screeners. Don’t ask me why they thought it would be totally normal for a DWP spokesperson to just call in on their own. Don’t ask me why the anchors and producers didn’t figure out they’d been “had” when the prank caller suggested some college students started the pipe break by dropping a cherry bomb down the toilet.

I can’t answer any of that.

But it was pure gold when, upon being asked about what led to the water main breaking, Slungpoo answered, “We’re in the investigation phase. Either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump.”

And the best part? The anchor’s totally serious response.

“Are you sure about that?”

Yes, we’re pretty sure about that. You’ve been had by someone slinging poo. Seriously, how dumb does ABC7 have to feel about allowing this graphic to appear on their TV screen:

Louis Slungpue

UCLA, Pauley Pavilion flooded like crazy after water line breaks

Parts of UCLA’s campus and a portion of Sunset Blvd were flooded like crazy on Tuesday afternoon after a water line broke on Sunset Blvd. which runs along the north border of the campus, before finally being shut off after abound three hours.

The water main broke around 3:24 p.m., leading to water just rushing out around Pauley Pavilion. Next to Pauley Pavilion are some athletic fields used mostly for intramural activities, and there is an underground parking lot below the fields. The water outside Pauley was about ankle deep and rushing down the stairs to the parking lot, resembling the portion of the Universal Studios tram ride where the flood occurs:

UCLA Pauley Pavilion flood

The pipe that burst is 30 inches in diameter and dates back to 1921.

UCLA water geyser

Oh, and did we mention that Southern California is supposedly in a drought? And did we mention that tax dollars will be paying to fix these problems? And did we mention that Pauley Pavilion recently underwent a $133 million renovation? Sounds like a blast.

One person needed to be rescued and a few cars reportedly were stranded as a result of the flood.

Water was being lost at around 35,000 gallons a minute according to a spokesperson. An estimated 8-10 million gallons of water were lost in total.

Below are more pictures and videos of the flooding at UCLA:

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Donald Sterling bought newspaper ad to thank himself for donation to UCLA

Donald Sterling UCLA nephrology ad

Money may buy a lot of things, but it won’t buy off UCLA in one case.

UCLA announced Tuesday that it has returned a $425,000 payment made by Donald Sterling to support basic kidney research by the UCLA Division of Nephrology and that it will reject the remainder of the Clippers owner’s $3 million pledge.

Mr. Sterling’s divisive and hurtful comments demonstrate that he does not share UCLA’s core values as a public university that fosters diversity, inclusion and respect. For those reasons, UCLA has decided to return Mr. Sterling’s initial payment of $425,000 and reject the remainder of a $3 million pledge he recently made to support basic kidney research by the UCLA Division of Nephrology. UCLA has received numerous inquiries about an advertisement in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times falsely suggesting that it was UCLA publicly thanking him for the gift. The ad was placed by Mr. Sterling, not the university.

The real gem of this story comes in the last two sentences of that statement. Sterling bought an ad in the LA Times to ensure everyone knew about his donation, and he designed it to make it look like UCLA was thanking him for it.

That ad ran in Sunday’s paper, a little over a day after the audio tapes of him being racist were published.

Way to pat yourself on the back there, Mr. Humble.

Photo: Twitter/David Singer

Josh Rosen commits to UCLA with nothing but Bruins hats

Josh RosenUsually when football recruits make their college commitment announcements, they set out a number of hats on a table in front of them and pick the hat of the school they plan to attend.

St. John Bosco quarterback Josh Rosen, who is the No. 1-rated QB in the 2015 recruiting class, decided to put a spin on the hat game that made his plans much more definitive.

As the young QB made his announcement, he had someone pull three hats out and lay them on the table. All three were different varieties of UCLA hats. Rosen also put on a Bruins hat to make it four.

Rosen’s announcement that he was planning to commit to the Bruins was one of the worst-kept secrets for a few months. Though the announcement lacked surprise, I’m sure it was no less exciting for the Bruins program.

Top QB recruit Josh Rosen expected to commit to UCLA

Josh RosenJosh Rosen, one of the top quarterback recruits in the 2015 high school recruiting class, will announce his college commitment plans on Thursday, and he’s expected to choose UCLA.

Rosen is a quarterback at St. John Bosco in Bellflower, Calif., and he threw for 3,200 yards, 39 touchdowns and seven interceptions while leading Bosco to a 16-0 season as a junior in the fall. Rosen is ranked by Rivals as the No. 1 player in the state and No. 2 player in the country. He has scholarship offers from notable programs like Alabama, Florida State, Michigan and Notre Dame, but he was believed to be most strongly considering UCLA and Cal.

It’s been a long-believed secret that Rosen would be committing to UCLA. According to the OC Register’s Ryan Kartje, Rosen was among a group of quarterbacks throwing at UCLA’s practice field on Wednesday:

That’s a pretty strong sign about his ties to the Bruins.

If Rosen does commit to UCLA, that would give the two rival SoCal programs the top two quarterback recruits in the 2015 class; St. Bonaventure quarterback Ricky Town committed to USC in late January. He and Rosen are 1-2 by most recruiting sites.

Below is a highlight video of Rosen:

Image via YouTube

UCLA’s Kyle Anderson takes flight and puts Oregon’s Richard Amardi on a poster (GIFS)

kyle-anderson-richard-amardiWhen Oregon defeated UCLA 87-83 in double overtime last month, the Bruins were without their top two scorers, Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson.

On Thursday, both were in the lineup as the two teams met again, this time in the second round of the Pac-12 Tournament. Adams and Anderson both had seven points as UCLA went into the locker room at halftime with a 37-35 lead.

Two of Kyle Anderson’s first-half points came on this dunk, which may end up being the play of the tournament. I mean, seriously, wow.

Anderson also became the first player in Pac-12 history to tally 200+ rebounds and 200+ assists in the same season. Not a bad day at the office.

GIFS via UCLA Athletics & Pac-12

David Pollack: UCLA is sexy, cool again

Jim MoraGood news for my Bruins: UCLA is “cool” again. You know it has to be true because ESPN said so.

During their National Signing Day program, ESPNU started talking about the Bruins because reporter Shelley Smith was stationed in Westwood to report on UCLA. Analysts Mike Bellotti and David Pollack raved about the program and coach Jim Mora.

“UCLA now has the name to go out and the success to back it up,” Bellotti said of UCLA being able to chase national recruits.

“I think they’re sexy again,” said Pollack. “They got the cool factor. Jim Mora’s cool as it gets. He was linked to the Texas job for a reason — he’s one of the best coaches in college football.”

Mora said in an interview with Smith that being able to get quarterback Brett Hundley to return for his redshirt junior season was their biggest recruiting pull of all. Pollack agreed, but he feels Hundley has to improve and grow from being a one read and go QB, which is a legitimate opinion.

It’s weird hearing people describe UCLA as sexy and cool, which is the way USC has been the last 15 years, especially with Pete Carroll there. I guess maybe you’d have to go back to the ’90s to when UCLA was considered cool for football. Whatever the case, this is music to Bruins fans’ ears, and it’s being reflected by the types of recruits the Bruins are now chasing.