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Friday, November 27, 2015

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Wolves reportedly came close to drafting Giannis Antetokounmpo

As human Kraken Giannis Antetokounmpo continues to gobble up planets for the Milwaukee Bucks, it’s always entertaining to look back on the 14 teams that passed up on the Greek Freak back in the 2013 Draft. One team that apparently came incredibly close to escaping that dubious list was the Minnesota Timberwolves. According to a…Read More

UCLA blames Oregon State for calling out cadences after seven false starts

UCLA players and coaches have blamed Oregon State’s defense for seven false start penalties they collected Saturday, claiming that the Beavers’ defense was calling out offensive line cadences. Oregon State coach Gary Andersen has defended his team from the charges, however, going as far as to cite the actual rule. UCLA coach Jim Mora and…Read More

LeBron James was frustrated Kevin Love showed up out of shape last season

LeBron James and Kevin Love did not have the best relationship last season, that much is clear. James made acquiring Love a high priority for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He admired the former Timberwolves star’s skillset, but when they became teammates, there was a lot of tension between them. LeBron even acted unlike himself by taking…Read More

Todd Graham admits to stealing signals but says it’s not illegal

Todd Graham on Tuesday responded to accusations of sign stealing and admitted his program does it, though he says they’re not doing anything illegal. Graham’s Arizona State Sun Devils are 4-4 and have lost two games in a row. After each of the losses, their opponents talked about having their signs stolen by ASU. That…Read More

Steph Curry used zebra mask as disguise at shopping mall

Stephen Curry is so popular that he even amasses a fan following while wearing a disguise. The reigning NBA MVP went to the Sunvalley Shopping Center in Corcord, Calif. on Sunday and caught the eyes of many fans. He even put a zebra mask on to cover his head, but that still didn’t stop fans…Read More

Josh Rosen forced to remove hot tub from his dorm room

The only mistake Josh Rosen made with turning his dorm room into his own personal day spa was bragging about it on social media. According to TMZ, UCLA officials have forced Rosen to remove the hot tub from his dorm room because it violates the school’s residential housing policy, which states, “furnishings which are not…Read More

Josh Rosen put a hot tub in his dorm room

Josh Rosen’s status as upcoming program savior just got elevated to college legend with his latest move. Last week the UCLA true freshman quarterback posted a video on his Instagram page showing him lounging in a hot tub, enjoying some food: Rosen captioned the photo, “Power moves,” indicating that yes, he has reached God status…Read More

UCLA, Cal get into fight after game (Video)

UCLA beat up on Cal 40-24 Thursday night at the Rose Bowl, and the two teams got into it after the game. There was a scuffle after time ran out as the teams met in the middle for handshakes and whatnot: UCLA/Cal — Brandon (@Jus1Nyt) October 23, 2015 The raucous caused an ESPN cameraman to…Read More

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