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Monday, May 21, 2018

Coaches brawl at Lingerie Football All-Star game (Video w/ very NSFW language)

Over the years we’ve watched a number of All-Star games from various professional sports leagues, and rarely do tempers ever boil over. Guys who are typically stone-faced and irritable during the regular season (see Belichick, Bill) even seem to enjoy themselves when they get together for events like the Pro Bowl. Apparently the coaches in the Lingerie Football League have more passion than those in the NFL, NBA, NHL, or any other league for that matter.

LFL coaches Tony Nguyen and Chandler Brown went at it in the middle of the LFL All-Star game┬álast week and had to be separated. It all started when one of Chandler’s players kicked the ball out of bounds on a kickoff, which apparently infuriated Nguyen and is some sort of bush league move in an LFL All-Star game. Who knew? The lovely ladies in pink had to separate the coaches before play continued. Check out this video of the incident, which contains extremely strong language and is NSFW:

Of course, this could have been a complete acting job to drum up some interest. If the LFL can incorporate more shoving matches after its one-year hiatus, perhaps there will be enough excitement surrounding the league that Liz Gorman will get her wish about the uniforms.

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