Another Barry Bonds Race Poll, Is it Race, or Integrity?

Yet another one has dropped to say that cheering for or against Barry Bonds to break the record is an issue of race. I have to start wondering if it’s a difference of race or integrity. To me, I’d be rooting against McGwire or Sosa just as equally as I am against Bonds — black, white, or Hispanic, it doesn’t matter to me. From FanHouse, another Bonds poll.

Also at FanHouse:

I was reading an article about D-Backs manager Bob Melvin that says he doesn’t outwardly show a lot of emotion. That doesn’t bother me. Neither of my hometown managers — Grady Little nor Mike Scioscia — are overly emotional, yet both teams are successful. So what do you think, must managers show emotion to be successful?

This guy who runs a Chicago sports memorabilia store has gotten rid of all the Barry Bonds items in house. They also plan to have a bonfire the day he breaks the record. Wow.

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  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    I hope when bonds gets to 754 that the opposing managers walk him so he cant break the record.
    But we all know that bonds’ head is so big that even if they try to walk him the ball will be pulled in the strike zone by the gravitational pull


    some managers show emotions like lou pinella in chi town.