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Monday, May 21, 2018

Charles Barkley: Conservatives are ‘Fake Christians’

Charles Barkley was on CNN being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer when he let loose with one of the worst generalizations against a group of people I have heard in a while. Now we all like Barkley because he’s genuine and doesn’t hold back, like when he called the 80s Celtics the “ugliest team in NBA history.” But sometimes Barkley’s mouth goes a little too far. While talking politics, Sir Charles said he liked Senator John McCain. But while Chuck likes McCain, he said he wouldn’t vote for anything other than a democrat. His reasoning? Conservatives are nothing but “fake Christians.” Check out the video for yourself:

It’s funny how it took Wolf a question before he went back to Chuck’s response. Almost like he wasn’t paying attention and needed a producer to tell him in his ear to ask him again about the “fake Christians” remark. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not how to conduct an interview. But if you were looking for a way to offend half the population of the country, there you go. Charles said he didn’t have to worry because he didn’t work for Conservatives and Christians? He was wrong.

If I’m a Conservative, how does that make me a “fake Christian?” Did I all of a sudden convert? Sorry Chuck, no free pass here. You should be held accountable for generalizing about an entire group of people. Maybe the polls will say it all — good luck winning any non-left votes in Alabama. And while we’re on offensive remarks and generalizations, how were Chet Coppock’s anti-Semite remarks completely ignored by the media? Gotta watch what you say, and I’m surprised nobody made a rats rump about this.

Thanks to Christmas Ape at Deadspin for the Charles Barkley post.

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