Joe Morgan Corrects Himself on Sunday Night Baseball (Audio)

I noted recently that Joe Morgan was caught making a mistake (also known as a lie) while telling a story on Sunday Night Baseball. He said that he helped the Phillies continue their notable 10 game losing streak with an RBI single in his major league debut back in 1964. Problem was, Morgan made his debut in 1963, and he never even had an RBI in 1964. So Joe was wrong on both accounts, trying to place himself into a situation that he clearly was not a part of.

Well, Phil Musnick in the NY Post noted that Morgan was expected to make a correction on his next broadcast of Sunday Night Baseball. That night came, and Joe acknowledged his mistake. Kind of. Jon Miller had to lead Joe through the entire event, with Morgan just giving one-word answers the entire time. You could really tell how much Morgan hated doing it. Listen to the audio right here (mp3).

Joe Morgan on LBS:
Joe Morgan Audio Apology
Joe Morgan is Officially Full of Crap

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  • Steve

    I am far from a Morgan fan but a little research (all of about 60 seconds) shows that Morgan’s first MLB hit was v Philadelphia in his second MLB game. It was a RBI single that won the game. here is the link to the game info.


  • Barry Duffman

    Nobody is doubting that Joe had an RBI single against the Phillies in 1963. He was claiming it occurred during the Phillies collapse in 1964, thereby making it sound as though he was part of their historic downfall.

  • Gene

    Morgan’s correction was so lame. Here is a guy reciting statistics and anecdotes on a regular basis to the point of being obnoxious, and we are expected to believe that he couldn’t even remember the year when he first made it to the major leagues? He is so self-absorbed, there is no way he could forget a “minor” detail, such as the year he first reached the major leagues.

    If anyone believes him, I have some Florida swampland or a bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan for sale.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yeah, Morgan tried to insert himself into history where he didn’t belong. What player doesn’t remember the year he broke into the bigs?