Yet Another Reason Never to Televise Little Leaguers

Seems like we come to this point every single year. Why on Earth is the Little League World Series shown on TV? Someone please explain to me why any of us (outside of friends, classmates, and family) should actually care about a bunch of 11 and 12-year-olds playing baseball? Why are regional rounds now televised? Why are their scores and highlights filling up my shows (other than because they’re ESPN properties)? I don’t want to watch these kids play just because it’s the “Little League World Series” any more than I would want to go down to West LA Little League on my free time to go watch some 11 and 12-year-olds throw the ball around. The Little League World Series has been good for three things and three things only: Danny Almonte, fat Sean Burroughs, and Derek Bell still having bags under his eyes at age 12. Oh yeah, it’s also been good for the following lesson in excellent sportsmanship, brought to you by our friends from Deadspin. This kid must have learned from Brad Penny how to pout:

Remind me again why I’m supposed to be interested in this? Does ESPN realize they’re making this kid suicidal? Do they enjoy televising tears on the faces of 11-year-old Japanese kids? I guess so.

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  • http://pabaseball.blogspot.com GM-Carson

    That kid is a punk ass bitch, but he’s 11.

  • http://blackpeopledontplaysoccer.com Robert Woodard

    I’ll give you another reason to complain about the Little League World Series. Its fixed! Quick name another international tournament with teams from around the globe that guarantees a spot in the finals for the host nation. A tournament that is only held in one country. If they REALLY wanted a Little League World Series, they’d put the final 32 teams in brackets and let the boys play. Okay, maybe we’d have Japan against Mexico in the finals but at least the LLWS would be more credibility.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7O3NCRTUCMQRP2WZIH4EZYWXAY Allan

    Just want to say what a bunch of morons you all are