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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Royals announcer Rex Hudler calls the moon a ‘beautiful planet’ (Video)

Full-moonIf the Kansas City Royals were looking for astronomers when they hired their broadcasting team, they should have put that in the job description. Some of us forget trivial stuff we learned in the fourth grade. Royals color commentator Rex Hudler is no exception.

On Tuesday night, the Royals showed a close-up of the beautiful full moon that was illuminating Kauffman Stadium. Play-by-play man Steve Physioc joked that it is a rule that if you are broadcasting a live sporting event and there’s a full moon you must show it on television at least once. That’s when Hudler came out with this gem.

“I like that rule,” Hudler said. “That’s a beautiful planet.”

Hmmm. After an awkward pause, Physioc reminded Hudler that the moon is, in fact, a moon.

“That’s…that’s like a planet to me,” Hudler responded.

The only thing worse than making a dumb comment is having an even dumber recovery attempt. Basically what we learned is Hudler makes his own rules when it comes to science. If Tom Cruise and Will Smith can do it, why can’t he?

Video via For the Win

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