Sick of the Overhyped Managerial Jobs

When told over the weekend that the Patriots/Colts game received a ridiculous amount of media hype during the week, I was skeptical. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason why, but I didn’t feel like I got the full, Super-Bowl caliber dose of Pats/Colts all week. Then I figured it out: there was so much attention given to the managerial hirings in baseball that it clouded the attention given to the football game. I’m glad that we’re probably done talking about those openings being filled because they didn’t deserve anywhere near the hype they received. Of course, I’m talking about the hiring of Joe Girardi and Joe Torre.

I can’t believe people are making a big deal over the Dodgers hiring Joe Torre. That’s exactly what LA wants — headlines and buzz. The news appeared on the front page of the local paper. No, not a big-time player getting signed, just a new manager being hired. Oh yeah, while another one, to whom ownership pledged allegiance the day the season ended, was disgustingly kicked out the door. There are two dynamics of the hire I didn’t like: the fact that Little was committed to and then essentially fired, and then all the headlines Torre got. As my friend Ben Maller joked, are people going to pay big bucks to watch Torre make a double-switch? Exactly.

Unless Torre convinces the Dodgers to up their payroll to $200 million, his presence won’t make a big difference. Oh yeah, and as for all those A-Rod to follow Torre to LA rumors? Bullcrap. Has everyone forgotten that this is the same manager who batted what will wind up being the all-time home run leader in baseball history 8th in a playoff game? Now why would A-Rod want to follow that? If Alex is going to an LA team, it’s certainly not the Dodgers. And last I checked, Bob Abreu and Derek Jeter weren’t following Torre either, so what’s the big deal. There isn’t one. It’s all just a big farce that they want you to believe is important.

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  • http://southerncalisports.com Daniel Cruz

    I couldn’t agree more about Joe Torre being over-hyped and the LA media falling into the trap that the LA Dodgers laid out for them…

    Sadly for LA Dodger fans, the Torre hiring may be the biggest move the Dodgers make this off season because if you look at their roster just about every spot is displaying a no vacancy sign due to the young and cheap players that Frank McCourt is committed to playing…

    every spot except the 3rd base spot that is…

  • Wiffle Ball Legend

    Word up, Larry. I heard todays press conference was the biggest in LA History. Wtf? Sounds like the McCourts trying to buy some PR to help forget about last seasons debacle.

  • Wiffle Ball Legend

    Oh and actually, we don’t really need a third baseman. Well, not unless his name ends in Rod because we have this kid named LaRoche and he’s going to be an All-Star with us or someone else.
    Here’s thinking trigger-happy Colletti’s going to shuffle things around needlessly open up holes on our team only to fill them with some wily veterans.

  • http://obscuresportsquarterly.wordpress.com Gilbert

    The McCourts are just setting up Torre to be the fall guy with all this hype.

    I predict it now, Torre will be fired after 2009. Or if he’s lucky, 2010.

  • Gene

    I think the Torre hiring was to placate Dodger fans when there are no big dollar free agent signings or blockbuster trades.

    McCourt doesn’t have the big bucks or a revenue upside to justify a major payroll increase. I agree that no players will come here strictly because of Joe Torre’s presence. The big beneficiary will be Tommy lasorda, who will now have a new eating companion for his tour of So Cal Italian restaurants.

    Joe Torre will manage the clubhouse communications better than Grady Little did, and will defuse the old veterans-rookies conflict before it escalates, but that’s about it.

    Remember, Joe cannot play anymore, even though he is a former batting champ and MVP. He also has never proven he can win with a team with a normal payroll. He did win four World Series titles in his forst five years with the Yankees, and will probably make the HOF for that. But in the last seven years, he failed to win the big one with almost twice the player payroll that he will have with the Dodgers.

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