Announcer Andrew Catalon apologizes for ‘Hack-a-Polack’ comment (Video)

Przemek KarnowskiCBS/TNT announcer Andrew Catalon apologized twice during the ending of the Gonzaga-Oklahoma State game for referring to the Cowboys’ strategy of fouling a Zags player as a “Hack-a-Polack” plan.

The Cowboys were fouling Gonzaga’s Przemek Karnowski (pictured) late in the game to try and close the 10-point margin.

In an off-the-cuff remark, Catalon called it “Hack a Polack.”

His announcing partner, Mike Gminski, joked, “easy now,” after the racial word.

A few minutes later, Catalon apologized.

“Once again I made a comment earlier about Karnowski and I sincerely apologize,” Catalon said.

“You’re good. I’ll take care of you,” said Gminski, who mentioned that Karnowski was a “member of the tribe.”

Karnowski was 3-of-5 at the line when Catalon made his comment. The big man missed his next four free throws and finished 4-9, but still double-doubled with 15 points and 10 rebounds in the Bulldogs’ 85-77 win.

Below is video of Catalon’s apology:

Video via @cjzero 2

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  • Independent Texan

    So, I suppose that means Catalon is a Republican, right? Because, you know, all Republicans are racist.

  • ritab

    No, I think it just means that he is an insensitive person…why do you need to turn this into a political issue?

  • Donosdad

    No, not all Republicans are racists…..just the ones who deny that Republicans cater to racists

  • Rob Zarras

    polack is not a “racial word”, its an ethnic term, used in different ways.

  • Smartarze

    That’s a rheotical question because a republican never apologizes.

  • tcmh

    Not all Republicans are racist; all Republicans are stupid.

  • Ski

    You sir are a dummy