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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mike Francesa begins show by complaining about his messy studio (Video)

mike-francesa-messIt says an awful lot about Mike Francesa that he has become a blogosphere punching bag despite being more of a local media personality rather than a national one. The veteran sports talk radio host manages to keep his name in our headlines with his consistent buffoonery, which is actually quite impressive. From fighting on air with Darrelle Revis to lying about his Super Bowl picks, the guy sure knows how to keep us entertained.

On Friday, the New York radio host opened his show on WFAN by complaining about the mess in his studio. Seriously.

“I’ve got to fumigate when I come in here now. Have your producers clean up after you if you can’t clean up, jeeze!” he barked. “Coffee stains, garbage all over the place … god almighty.”

Goodness gracious, Francesa. The way you start a show sets the tone for the entire first hour. Who begins by whining over the mess in the office? Probably the same kind of guy who sends back his meal and bitches about the service during a first date with a hot girl.

H/T @The_Real_Bish via @JimmyTraina, Awful Announcing

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